Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Been a while

Hey all it's been a while since my last post! being the mommy of 3 kids has been a real adventure (and a lesson in chiropractics!). As you'll notice, some of my images on my blog are "missing." And they'll stay missing temporarily. I have become the victim of photo theft! I found out my daughter's images were being used on a google social network called Orkut by a group of people who use people's kid's pictures as profile pictures and whatnot. It's rather creepy...they know when her birthday is, and devoted fan sites to her. Not exactly something one wants to find out. So for everyone's sake, I've changed around some privacy settings. I'll be adding huge watermarks and putting some of the images back up. This will also mean some changes in sneak peaks. I will require a signed paper saying it's okay to put the images up for the public to view. I've done this in the past, and will again. Rest assured I've spent hours over the course of a month, each night, looking for images of mine of someone else's child but have not come across any that I know on the Orkut site. So everyone else's images were safe.

In other news, I just did my first wedding!...and then sprained my elbow. So image editing has been slow, but the pain is going away! Above is a picture of their cake (click on it for the full image) and the two cake toppers. :) They put them on for the cake cutting. I took about 600 pictures in 7 hours. I have to make up my mind about doing more weddings. I loved it but I don't have a home office, and my youngest is almost a year old, so she demands a lot of attention. My husband's job demands his attention (as well as Perfect World video game). So it makes for a stressful editing session as my little one grabs my laptop and tries hitting buttons...not great when you're editing! Anyway, I will probably do them on a case by case instance. It'll depend on my husband's schedule, and what's going on. But I'm open to them for now!