Sunday, October 17, 2010

New Package Pricing 10/17/10

I've always been on the hunt on how to price things economically minded while trying to make packages that I thought would make sense. However, why would that make sense if it's not what you want, right? The new system is simple. Packages I had started at $30 and so this starts out by giving you a basic package for $30. What's in the package, however, isn't's points. You get 7 points to "spend" on prints...of ANY image! No more "one pose per package" rule. I have a chart that has what each size print "costs" in points. And you can purchase more points to make your package bigger. The more points you buy, the cheaper it is per point! So here's the chart, and the prices. You must buy the basic package to get a package.

Basic Package $30.00
7 Points (ex. 8 wallets, one 5x7, one 8x10)

Add on points to make your own packages:

1-4 points: $5.00 each

5-9 points: $4.75 each

10-14 points: $4.50 each

15-19 points: $4.25 each

20+ points: $4.00 each

So if you wanted (16 wallets, two 5x7, 8x10, and a 10x13) it would cost $72.75 instead of $90.00! And each sheet can be a different image! (Wallets must come in groups of 8). I hope this will make things a whole lot easier! Specialty shoots, such as seniors and Day in the Life of...haven't changed (as of yet). I'll get to those later, and I'm going to be assigning points to everything I sell to make it a lot more organized and simple to arrange. (Such as greeting/holiday cards which are 7 points). :)