Saturday, October 16, 2010

Maternity shoot

It was my first maternity shoot and it happened to be a very good friend of mine. I'm so excited because she's due any day now! Tricia of Children's Attic in Farmington, NY is an up and coming business owner that's sure to wow the customers! I posted below some of the preliminary pictures of the shop, but it goes beyond that! They're opening VERY soon...NEXT WEEK! I'm anxious, can't you tell? I want to buy stuff! Children's Attic is a consignment shop where you can bring things in, whip up a contract, and when it sells, you make a percentage of the sale price. Or if you're looking for a place to donate nice clean, stain free clothes, this would be a great place, too. I had a lot of fun doing this shoot despite how chaotic in my own mind it was. I had all 3 of my kids along on this shoot which meant feeding the baby, making sure my older two didn't wander too far on the nature trail, making sure they didn't distract Tricia's daughter, and all sorts of stuff...all in all a good time! :) Her daughter and my two get along famously, so it's like one wild slumber party around them. Anyway, just wanted to share this one pic...I love it!