Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vacation Time

So as you might know I'm expecting my 3rd. :) So far I've been able to remain pretty active and I don't plan on letting that stop me much, thanks to my trips to the chiropractor. I am due August 28th. Currently I visit my doctor every other week on Wednesdays (June 23rd, July14th, etc) until I am at every week. And every other week for the time being I go to the chiropractor, opposite weeks from the OB, sort of as needed. My kids get out of school on June 23rd, which will eat away at my availability, limiting me to the days my husband has off of work. Topping that all off we are very likely traveling to MI July 3rd-13th (So any Michiganders who want pics, I'll be there though my weekends are full!). After that I have more availability. As of right now it consists of: June 17th, 18th, 21st (limited), 22nd (morning), and the 26th. July 14th (limited), 15th, 19th (limited), 20th (limited), 21st, and 26th. I am not booking into August until the 3rd week in July, just due to everything going on, but I'm sure I'll be safe the first 2 weeks. I am taking off August 22nd onward. If you really want to schedule something in August, let me know and I can pencil you in, but things may change! :) Full moon is the 24th of Aug. Any bets as to when I'll go?? lol After the baby is born, I'll need a bit of recovery time then I'm back out there taking pictures, especially with school starting up. My only caveat is that I will have to bring my newborn with me...not like I'll have to chase the baby around. :) (Notice I'm not using gender? I'll announce July 10th) I know it's not 100% professional, but I shouldn't have any issues as long as we squeeze in between feedings/changings which should be about 2 hours anyway. If anything it'll be more useful as I'll have a stroller to haul all of my stuff. If I try this and it isn't working out, I'll simply bring an assistant with me. :) Pumpkin Patch stuff shouldn't be affected, nor should fall color photos. I love doing pictures in the fall. So if you have plans to get pictures done, I wouldn't delay!