Friday, April 9, 2010

Host a Portrait Party

What's a Portrait Party?

Just like hosting a food party, tupperware type party, bag party, or makeup party, you invite a group of friends, though they also can bring their family. There must be a minimum of 4 families/friends attending, with a maximum of 8. Each family or friend gets 15 minutes, so a party lasts anywhere from 1 - 2 hours. You can add more if you'd like and have room to accommodate that many people. Each friend/or family attending consists of an individual or a group who would purchase their own pictures. For example, if you did a Mom's Night Out, each mom is her own potential order. If you invite 4 families, each family would place their own individual order (not each family member). Your guests do not need to remain at the party the entire duration. The party takes place on location. You provide the home, garden, park, or field to use for the party, as well as any light refreshments for the guests. Remember to avoid staining foods if children will be there! There is NO SESSION FEE. And there is no ordering at the event, so you and your guests do not feel pressured to make any purchases. As the hostess/host you will earn discounts on your portrait packages based on the sales earned from your guests!

During each 15 minute session, I will capture 10-50+ pictures per friend or family. For families, I will do group and individual pictures of members.

How does it work?

  1. Invite 4-8 guests/families (or more if needed)
  2. You schedule the 15 minute sessions using a provided sheet
  3. Party!
  4. I'll edit and post images for you and your guests to view
  5. Guests place orders through you (they have 1 week to order)
  6. You and I get together and go over images
  7. You deliver images to guests or they pick them up from you
What do you get for hosting?

You get 5% off for each order placed from guests! If you have 5 guests and each place an order, that's 25% off your entire order! 8 guests would get you 40%! Prices are reasonable, and will be listed below. For each of your guests placing an order of $100 or more (including you), you get a free sheet 9up to a 10x13) of your choice, from ANY portrait session of your choice (was there a picture you had taken last year? Get it free!)!

Hostess/Photographer Responsibilities

You are responsible for providing portrait location. I ask that it's suitable for creating professional portraits with sufficient lighting. Whenever possible, outdoor lighting is best. You're required to have in attendance 4 individuals/families minimum. I will give you a form to use to schedule each 15 minute session.

I will provide invitations and envelopes for mailing, which you will fill out and mail. I will arrive 30 minutes early to check out the area and set up whatever needs to be set up. If the area is located away from the rest of the party, children will be less distracted. I will post pictures on my website under a special password (which will be handed out with instructions when pictures are taken) for guests to view before ordering through you. I will provide order forms as well. They have 1 week to order (money must be turned in when order is placed, cash, check, or if they prefer I can send an online invoice), then I collect the order from you and place it. Portraits come in to me, depending on the day the order is placed, 1-3 days later, and I deliver them to you. You deliver them to the guests. The entire process takes approximately 2 weeks after the party.

All pricing below includes tax and handling.

Pricing for Parties:
  • Package 1 - ($26.00) 1-8x10 1-5x7 4 wallets
  • Package 2 - ($36.00) 1-8x10 2-5x7 8 wallets
  • Package 3 - ($62.00) 1-8x10 3-5x7 4-4x6 16 wallets
  • Package 4 - ($123.00) 1-11x14 2-8X10 4-5X7 6-4X6 32 wallets
  • Package 5 - ($187.00) 1-11x14 mounted 4-8x10 8-5x7 8-4x6 64 wallets
To purchase individual sheets, a package must be purchased and do not include handling. Prices will be without tax, and without handling on the order forms. Each guest will add the $3.00 handling, and then 8% tax to their entire order. If a CD is wanted, a package must be purchased as well, and pricing for those will be on the order forms as well.

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