Sunday, September 13, 2009

School is back in session

Hey everyone! I have an offer you can't refuse! I'm going to offer school pictures. It'll be the same format as a normal school picture with just 1 pose offered in a school package which I'll list below. The printing process is a little different from my typical prints, so the prices are less...they don't offer this process for regular photos, just the packages for school/event pictures like you'd get for school or soccer or softball..etc). This special will ONLY be good for the months of September and October and I'm going to do it yearly. The pictures won't go into the yearbooks...those pics will still be taken through the school. Last year my daughter wore a dark purple sweater for pictures and they put her against a lime green background at school. WTF?! Sorry. No. I can't stand the way school photographers (in my experiences) don't watch for stray hairs, or goofy faces, or nasty color matches. So for 1 pose only and 1 person only for as long as it takes to get the 1 pic, I'll do school pictures for just a $15 session fee. Or select a normal session with $50 fee, for 2 hours, unlimited poses as usual, choose 1 pose after viewing for a school pack, and other pics follow normal pricing. I don't normally limit my poses and the number of people but this would be just like if they were in school...except not. And the background will be real trees and leaves, not a pull down backdrop. I have a minimum order through my print house per order, so I'm going to set a minimum order of $25 for this, but you can pick from several packages and add more onto each a la carte. Shipping is still $10.00, is overnight, and right to your own door (or just pay handling for $3.00 and pick them up from me in person). Here are the packages to choose from:

Package A $25.00: 1-10x13, 2-8x10, 4-5x7, 8-3.5x5, 16-wallets

Or combine 2 of the following mini packs for $30.00:
1) 1-10x13, 4-8x10
2) 2-8x10, 8-5x7
3) 4-5x7, 32-wallets
4) 3-10x13
5) 6-8x10
6) 12-5x7
7) 24-4x5
8) 24-3.5x5
9) 48-wallets

3 of the above for $45.00, 4 for $60.00...etc. just add $15.00 per mini pack.