Friday, August 14, 2009

New Laptop

Well my HP Pavillion DV9700 entertaintment laptop is a bust. As in...busted. I brought it up to Best Buy to be fixed. The adapter jack was shorting out and wasn't holding a steady charge when plugged in. So in it went and it was sent out. When it was done being repaired, the Geek Squad packed it up and shipped it out through UPS. When it got in, however, UPS had cracked the screen! So it had to be sent out again. I wasn't sure if this would be considered the 4th send out...when you have the extended warranty, if you have to send it out for 3 hardware repairs, the 4th time they junk out your computer and you get a new one. After waiting 10 more days or whatever it was, there was finally an online status that indeed they were trying to authorize it to be junked out. We called and called and called and finally they said go ahead and come in, it's been authorized. It hadn't been. Grr. But we'd driven over a half hour to the store with 2 kids who wanted to do nothing more than run around and rearrange the folding chairs in their little waiting area. Putting up with that in of itself, I wanted my computer. Now. So after standing around there for probably an hour, they finally authorized it and we went to look at new laptops. They prefer it if you get something that was equivalent in tech. Not money. But don't let them fool're allowed to get whatever you want so long as the laptop isn't more expensive than the prior. They were trying to pull this on us. I wanted the 17" Asus gaming laptop. So the guys checks...they're out of stock. Then he was trying to pawn off some Sony Vaio on thanks. Psh. So I turn to the Asus 15.6" and they ended up having one in that's what I got. And I love it. So far. I just need a case for it and finding 15.6" cases is difficult...15.4 and 15 are easy. So with that all said, I'm running a little behind on updates and stuff. Moral of the story though is to BACKUP EVERYTHING when you hand your computer over to Best Buy. You never know when UPS will break it. I'm glad I backed it all up.