Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP Computers Suck

Once again, I'm left using my husband's computer. I'm no computer genius but I do know that I've gone through around 12 adapters, 11 of them being HP brand, one Targus universal, between two laptops. I hadn't even had this computer a year when one of the hard drives crashed, by no fault of mine. And I get it back, use it maybe a week,'s crashing again. This time it had been BOTH hard drives. So I get that fixed. Now mind you, I've been dealing with laptops and Best Buy since about 2005. My first laptop lasted me nearly three years. I think I went through about 9 adapters with that one. Now with this one, the first adapter went back and came back replaced. That one ended up becoming having been through this before, back went the computer and I told them that I believed it to be the motherboard. They claimed nothing was wrong, and sent it back, saying there was probably something stuck inside the adapter, and they sent me another adapter...that ended up being an HP Universal. In the meantime I used a Targus universal. The Targus lasted me quite a while, but about a week ago, it b ecame really loose and I had to hold it in place to keep a charge. So I pulled out the one HP sent me barely fit. I had to really push it in. That lasted all of 1 week and now...I've sent in my laptop with the adapter...the plastic inside the adapter head melted. It's overheating. It was the biggest, best, most expesive non-Apple laptop at Best Buy. Let's just say, I won't be buying another HP laptop. I wish Alienware was at Best Buy.