Friday, July 31, 2009

Back from Vacation

Wow...what a whirlwind this vacation was. Not only were we busy every single day, but we were on the road about 33 hours within 10 days. 8 hours to and from Michigan. 5 hours to and from my parents' place to Mackinac City up north. 2 hours to and from Bay City for family visits and 3 hours from Manchester to my parents' place. Then on top of that there were dinners, and park trips, shopping, and all sorts. One thing I want to mention is our trip to Mackinac Island. We had booked a lakeview room for two nights at the Grand Hotel and ended up being upgraded to a named suite, which was just beautiful. The food there is exquisite. I only wish I'd had more time to sit out on the porch and drink ice tea. If you're ever wanting to find a place with history, great food, NO cars, and beautiful scenery then Mackinac Island is the place to go. You drive up I-75 north to Mackinac City and park your car at the ferry docks. There, you can buy your ticket but it's cheaper if you get them beforehand. There are 3 ferry companies and I believe two are 15 minute fast ferries while the other, Shepland's, is a traditional 30 minute ferry trip across. There are no cars on the island. The only motorized vehicle I've ever seen was an ambulance. There are 400 some permanent residents on the island and they all use bikes or cars, or walk. There is a school, public library, churches and everything. Just personally speaking, though, I think the coolest things are the horse-drawn taxi's. If you're staying at the Grand Hotel, they're beautiful enclosed mahogany painted coaches with a man in a uniform including top hat many times. Otherwise it's a cart with a roof but nevertheless fun. These taxi's are at the docks, there to pick you up and carry your things to the hotel you're staying at if on the island, and can cart you around wherever. It's $4.75 per person, per ride, however...which sounds cheap until you figure if there are 2 adults, that's $9.50 each time you need to use them. If you're staying at the Grand Hotel, that'll be almost every time you want to go back to the hotel unless you have on your serious walking's all up hill. Pretty sure kids are about half the price. If you stay on the main strip, you won't need to use one at all, really...just be sure your luggage rolls.

More to come about my trip...I took pictures too!
And There was only 1 entrant for the August contest so she's the automatic winner. :-) I'll post more about that later, and show the picture.