Monday, June 29, 2009

Upcoming Contest for August

Since kids are a popular photo subject, this next contest will be "Kids at Play." Winner of course will receive a free session. You can start Submitting images to me starting July 15th through July 31st. I can't promise ALL images will be up the same day as submitted because I'll be on vacation but they will ALL be up there by the 31st. I need to again apologize that there was one image that didn't get posted up for this current's because most mail is forwarded from my email address, to my main address and for some reason this one didn't. So it just means I will be checking my other address more often. For this contest, voting will begin on August 1st and run ONE week, from August 1st through the 7th. I've been posting on facebook for people to vote, so it's a lot of random people. Again, I'm not voting. Winner will be announced August 8th. PI'll be posting official rules for this next contest soon so make sure you click on the button to follow my blog, so you're allerted to all the new information. If you have facebook, you can add me, and you can also follow Playdate Photography on there. Run a search for Playdate Photography and both my facebook, and the photography facebook will pop up.