Sunday, June 21, 2009

Senior Photography and Summer Availablility

I've gone onto my site and updated my availability up to August, but I need to check with my husband to better know August's schedule. Just go to the Schedule link at the bottom of my site and choose the month you're looking for.

Senior Photography! If you are an 11th grader, or a parent of one, or friend of a parent of one...etc, let them know I do Senior Photography (under the name of Portraits by it doesn't say Playdate Photography). I do NOT have a standard background to do yearbook photos, however, I can offer them if you do not need a specific background. Check with the school. If you haven't seen the senior portrait session I did last year, check it out on my site, under galleries, Rachel T. Take your time in ordering. I know it's difficult to figure out which you will need and how many you need, as well as affording all of the ones you need. As always, you're not obligated to buy immediately. But if you need a yearbook photo, an order must be submitted since the print house has a minimum order (otherwise they charge me for whatever isn't ordered). See the blog post about free prints to get an idea of the sort of order that needs to be placed...each bulleted "package" is a minimum order through the printer. I do not offer packages to senior photo shoots. Why? Because you make your own package. My packages are 25% off a la carte prices normally. So you create your package from the a la carte list, then deduct 25% off. I believe you should get what you want for this very special occassion...not struggle trying to get enough. I do Bridal (not wedding) and Trash the Dress photography the same way.