Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pay Online!

I now have Google Shopping Cart, which is similar to eBay's invoice system, only you don't go through an external company like PayPal to do the invoice. And you also don't store your information on it, making it safer than PayPal. How this will work will be that you may order on my website,, and then I will get an email with your order. If anything seems off, I'll contact you, just to be sure and also I'll contact you prior to sending the invoice to make sure everything is as it should be. Once that is OK'ed I will send an invoice so be sure you include the email address you wish me to send the invoice to, on your order from my website (you don't pay on my site). When you get the invoice it will have a layout of how my prices are broken down, though you will have known the total prior to the invoice...this will be like a receipt so keep it! You click and sign into Google, paying using any major credit card or debit card. I will get the notice and it should go through. As soon as it goes through I will place the order. If this is done before 3:00 PM EST (I need to check on this), your order should arrive the next business day via FedEx. If after, the order will be processed the next day, and arrive the day after that, but I will send you tracking information. They deliver fast! Shipping and Handling is $10.00 (this is what they charge, not me...I don't add to it). Tax is 8%. They have minimum order requirements. See the list below about free prints...each one of those bullets is a required purchase amount, but I can work other packages out as well (each bullet in the other post is roughly equal to purchase).