Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've decided to start a promotional deal to get everyone free pictures. :-) If you refer a friend, who books and follows through with an appointment, you will earn free prints of your choice, in your size choice up to 10x20 (I'll list available sizes below). either standard portrait finish, OR Metallic. Your choice. And the best thing? If you refer 1 or 50, doesn't matter...EACH original person you refer who books and holds an appointment with me, you'll get prints each time. This offer is never going to expire. Spread the word! (Prints apply toward your next session's purchase)

Sizes available:

  • 5 sets (40) mini's (1.75x2.5)
  • 12 sets (48) wallets (2.5x3.5)
  • Eight 3.5x5
  • Eight 4x5
  • Six 4x6
  • Six 5x5
  • Five 5x7
  • Four 5x10
  • Four 6x9
  • Three 7x10
  • Three 8x8
  • Three 8x10
  • Two 8x12
  • Two 10x10
  • One 10x13 AND One 5x7
  • One 10x15 AND One 5x7
  • One 12x12 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 11x14 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 10x20