Thursday, June 4, 2009

About Me

I had this section originally on my page, but with my wide screen, I could see the jukebox and cart, and with a normal screen you can't, so I removed links and put them onto the Links section.

Hi! My name is Cathie Rainwater and I opened my business in the summer of 2008 so it's not been long. I am a mother of two girls, and I know it's so important to record all of those memorable moments that might otherwise be lost forever. Whether it's childhood milestones or lifetime milestones, I want to help you capture these events for you and all to enjoy year after year. When I had my first child I took her up to a local studio where we were living at the time every month to get an 8x10, which I would place into her scrapbook or photo album, with various every day snap shots on pages that followed for that month. It helped me keep track of her as she grew. Especially when my husband's ship was deployed in the US Navy. And it enabled him to enjoy watching her grow as well for the 7 months that we were apart since I was able to send him smaller versions that he kept in a small album he had on the ship. Then my second daughter came along when my first was 21 months old and suddenly I didn't have the time to get them dressed, and keep them clean, to take them monthly up to the studio. That's where my services differ. I will come to you. We can meet up where you live or a local public location such as a park, or the zoo. I not only do children's portraits, but also senior photos, engagement portraits, bridal portraits (not wedding photography), newborn sessions, and family portraits. So browse through my galleries and if you'd like to see more, I have more to be seen on another site. Thank you for considering my business! I hope to meet you soon.