Monday, June 29, 2009


Are you pregnant and want maternity pictures done? I haven't done any photo sessions for this yet, but I can. Be my first guinea pig...I mean customer...and get your session FREE. Yup, I won't charge you. Must be showing. Most maternity sessions go better in the 3rd trimester. I can for the most part get rid of Linea Niagara, and stretch marks!

Upcoming Contest for August

Since kids are a popular photo subject, this next contest will be "Kids at Play." Winner of course will receive a free session. You can start Submitting images to me starting July 15th through July 31st. I can't promise ALL images will be up the same day as submitted because I'll be on vacation but they will ALL be up there by the 31st. I need to again apologize that there was one image that didn't get posted up for this current's because most mail is forwarded from my email address, to my main address and for some reason this one didn't. So it just means I will be checking my other address more often. For this contest, voting will begin on August 1st and run ONE week, from August 1st through the 7th. I've been posting on facebook for people to vote, so it's a lot of random people. Again, I'm not voting. Winner will be announced August 8th. PI'll be posting official rules for this next contest soon so make sure you click on the button to follow my blog, so you're allerted to all the new information. If you have facebook, you can add me, and you can also follow Playdate Photography on there. Run a search for Playdate Photography and both my facebook, and the photography facebook will pop up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Lens

I got a new lens for my birthday and took a few test shots to try it out...then played. :-) Here are the pics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Senior Photography and Summer Availablility

I've gone onto my site and updated my availability up to August, but I need to check with my husband to better know August's schedule. Just go to the Schedule link at the bottom of my site and choose the month you're looking for.

Senior Photography! If you are an 11th grader, or a parent of one, or friend of a parent of one...etc, let them know I do Senior Photography (under the name of Portraits by it doesn't say Playdate Photography). I do NOT have a standard background to do yearbook photos, however, I can offer them if you do not need a specific background. Check with the school. If you haven't seen the senior portrait session I did last year, check it out on my site, under galleries, Rachel T. Take your time in ordering. I know it's difficult to figure out which you will need and how many you need, as well as affording all of the ones you need. As always, you're not obligated to buy immediately. But if you need a yearbook photo, an order must be submitted since the print house has a minimum order (otherwise they charge me for whatever isn't ordered). See the blog post about free prints to get an idea of the sort of order that needs to be placed...each bulleted "package" is a minimum order through the printer. I do not offer packages to senior photo shoots. Why? Because you make your own package. My packages are 25% off a la carte prices normally. So you create your package from the a la carte list, then deduct 25% off. I believe you should get what you want for this very special occassion...not struggle trying to get enough. I do Bridal (not wedding) and Trash the Dress photography the same way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pay Online!

I now have Google Shopping Cart, which is similar to eBay's invoice system, only you don't go through an external company like PayPal to do the invoice. And you also don't store your information on it, making it safer than PayPal. How this will work will be that you may order on my website,, and then I will get an email with your order. If anything seems off, I'll contact you, just to be sure and also I'll contact you prior to sending the invoice to make sure everything is as it should be. Once that is OK'ed I will send an invoice so be sure you include the email address you wish me to send the invoice to, on your order from my website (you don't pay on my site). When you get the invoice it will have a layout of how my prices are broken down, though you will have known the total prior to the invoice...this will be like a receipt so keep it! You click and sign into Google, paying using any major credit card or debit card. I will get the notice and it should go through. As soon as it goes through I will place the order. If this is done before 3:00 PM EST (I need to check on this), your order should arrive the next business day via FedEx. If after, the order will be processed the next day, and arrive the day after that, but I will send you tracking information. They deliver fast! Shipping and Handling is $10.00 (this is what they charge, not me...I don't add to it). Tax is 8%. They have minimum order requirements. See the list below about free prints...each one of those bullets is a required purchase amount, but I can work other packages out as well (each bullet in the other post is roughly equal to purchase).

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've decided to start a promotional deal to get everyone free pictures. :-) If you refer a friend, who books and follows through with an appointment, you will earn free prints of your choice, in your size choice up to 10x20 (I'll list available sizes below). either standard portrait finish, OR Metallic. Your choice. And the best thing? If you refer 1 or 50, doesn't matter...EACH original person you refer who books and holds an appointment with me, you'll get prints each time. This offer is never going to expire. Spread the word! (Prints apply toward your next session's purchase)

Sizes available:

  • 5 sets (40) mini's (1.75x2.5)
  • 12 sets (48) wallets (2.5x3.5)
  • Eight 3.5x5
  • Eight 4x5
  • Six 4x6
  • Six 5x5
  • Five 5x7
  • Four 5x10
  • Four 6x9
  • Three 7x10
  • Three 8x8
  • Three 8x10
  • Two 8x12
  • Two 10x10
  • One 10x13 AND One 5x7
  • One 10x15 AND One 5x7
  • One 12x12 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 11x14 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 10x20

Thursday, June 4, 2009

About Me

I had this section originally on my page, but with my wide screen, I could see the jukebox and cart, and with a normal screen you can't, so I removed links and put them onto the Links section.

Hi! My name is Cathie Rainwater and I opened my business in the summer of 2008 so it's not been long. I am a mother of two girls, and I know it's so important to record all of those memorable moments that might otherwise be lost forever. Whether it's childhood milestones or lifetime milestones, I want to help you capture these events for you and all to enjoy year after year. When I had my first child I took her up to a local studio where we were living at the time every month to get an 8x10, which I would place into her scrapbook or photo album, with various every day snap shots on pages that followed for that month. It helped me keep track of her as she grew. Especially when my husband's ship was deployed in the US Navy. And it enabled him to enjoy watching her grow as well for the 7 months that we were apart since I was able to send him smaller versions that he kept in a small album he had on the ship. Then my second daughter came along when my first was 21 months old and suddenly I didn't have the time to get them dressed, and keep them clean, to take them monthly up to the studio. That's where my services differ. I will come to you. We can meet up where you live or a local public location such as a park, or the zoo. I not only do children's portraits, but also senior photos, engagement portraits, bridal portraits (not wedding photography), newborn sessions, and family portraits. So browse through my galleries and if you'd like to see more, I have more to be seen on another site. Thank you for considering my business! I hope to meet you soon.