Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purchasing Through Website

This is coming! I'm iin the process of activating my Google Checkout account, which is actually safer than PayPal. It takes a few days to verify and today is only day 3...and a Sunday. So I assume it'll be Tuesday, maybe Wednesday when the feature is up and going. I'm also working on another brand new feature! You'll be able to book your appointment and pay for half of your deposit right away (which is now mandatory to set the date in stone) all online through one website, which, when I have the site bugs worked out I'll have posted under my links section. I had to remove a few links from the bottom of my page if you noticed. I have a wide screen, but someone from Google Ads called me wanting me to buy something, of course, and just happened to mention that some of my stuff wasn't seen at the bottom. So I rearranged. I'm not very happy about it...I feel it should adjust by itself. And I'm sure there's some CSS out there that'll do that, but I don't control that aspect of the actual's just a template, and I don't control it. Anyway, anything moved is now under Links.

Today I will be adding the rest of my summer schedule up! Below this paragraph I will post my new booking rules. You can book any time up to whenever I have a schedule for, but please be aware that since I do mainly outdoor photography I am not in control of the weather, and may need to reschedule. I do Senior Photography as well, but I do NOT have the basic background so you may need to go to an actual studio to get the yearbook photo done. I need to check on the status of my white photo tent...if it's still in good condition then I can do a basic white background or black tent and I have issues. I'm short, it's tall. It folds into a round circle about twice the size of a frizbee. How? You don't wanna know. And it looks like I'm battling some giant evil white cube to get it to do this. I had a passer-by stop and watch, and when I finally got it, he chuckled and said it was entertaining. >.> I love my tent, but I wish it was easier to fold up...thus it's spent its winter in my garage simply flat...not in it's pouch. So I'll need to take it out, air it out, maybe wash the sides...if get any dust out, febreeze it just so it smells pretty and it'll be good to go. I keep planning on taking the background "sheets" up to Jo-Ann's to get more backgrounds but I haven't yet. Onto my new booking rules!

You can download my contract to read it over here. It's in PDF format. This page will NOT be permanent. I'll be moving it, but will announce the new link and it'll be on my website as well. Geocities is shutting down. I only use it for junk anyway, but I've had it for years so it's annoying that it's closing down. This is my contract, and it also contains my Model release form. I will ask that each person print this out on their own and bring it with you to the session. If you cannot, let me know and I will. I will go over everything with you but I don't like a lot of jargon, so there's only a little that is, which I copied from a website for legal stuff. The model release does NOT have to be signed ever. If you do not want your pictures used for advertising by me, then do not sign it. You can even X through it. These contracts will be kept on will need a new one each session, but I'm working on a shorter version where I can just bring your prior contract, and the new one will essentially be an addition (just lines to sign). The contract keeps both you and I safe. If I use images you've said I could use, and someone steals them, you and I can sue for damages, for example. Not just me. And it covers how to make appointments, and all that fun stuff. I highly encourage reading it before making an appointment. That's all for now! Enter my contest! It's free! You could win a free session!