Saturday, May 9, 2009

All About the Photo Contest

I am going to be opening a photo contest! The winner will receive a free session (worth $50) and the chance to create your own package, at a package discount price. So if you need 40 wallets, and nothing else, and want them of 10 different poses, it's not going to cost you $40 (10 sets of 4 wallets @ $4 each set)'s going to only cost you $30.00! And the great thing? This isn't just open to the Rochester, NY area. It's available to the Rochester, NY area and the Metro Detroit, MI area. I will be traveling to Michigan in July, and will be approximately 30 miles north of Detroit. So spread the word! I will start accepting pictures May 15th and it will only be open for 1 month for entry! June 15th the contest closes, and voting will take place from June 15th through July 15th. Quality is the main goal here! Not a modeling contest, or beauty, or cutest baby contest. Crisp clear, and true color is important. Winner will be posted July 16th. Rules are as follows:

1)Photo cannot be professional or one that I have taken.
2) You must be the child's legal guardian to submit the photo if child is under 18.
3) Open to all ages, and photo can be from any time
4) No nudity even in babies
5) One entry per household
6) Pets are okay in the photograph, but not as the main photo (I'm only starting on pet photography)
7) Photos must be in JPG form, and emailed to me at
8) Full color, no enhancements, no black & white or sepia. Crops are okay.
9) This is not a beauty or cuteness contest, it's a photo contest, so quality is key.

I am not personally voting! I will post images on here in one blog post with numbers, no names, and there will be a poll with choices. This means only 1 vote per IP, I believe. Winner will receive a free session and discount personally created package, as well as a spot on my main page slide show and a featured gallery on my main page.