Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a While...

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Well it's been a while. All winter actually. I've realized that having two young children in school makes for one sick family. So I'm thinking winter photography is going to end up as near impossible. Now that the weather is turning nice, however, I have plans to start doing more.

Seen in the picture I have here, is my oldest daughter who is now 6. She had a birthday over winter and we had a big bash at a local jump house place. Everyone loved it (except me...I had a sinus infection, fever, headache the whole shebang). In this picture, however, is not her birthday, but Juliette "Daisy" Low's. No...not the model. The founder of the Girl Scouts. The troop celebrated with a tea party and the girls LOVED it. They were all so very quiet and polite sitting there in their dresses and hats. They had apple juice instead of tea, jelly sandwiches cut into the shape of hearts, instead of cucumber finger sandwiches. And they had Scooby Snack crackers to go along with everything. wasn't technically a "by the book" tea party...but they were all 5 and 6. I realized, I need to get myself a bunch of floppy hats, dresses, and a table cloth like that...I could get a fan and a bunch of other stuff, go to a person's house and set it up right there at their table. Soooo cute! I'll be taking my daughter's 6 year portraits soon as well. I'm going to punk her out and maybe let her hold one of the RockBand game guitars, or we have an acoustic...though it might be too big. I keep envisioning fake money that looks real, and a bunch of real coins, tossed into a hat, as she sits someplace pretending to place in a park. :-) Might be fun. We'll see! Anyway, I'm back for business! And I now have an emailable and pritnable price sheet. I'm not going through my prior print house, and am going through a far better lab. All photos on the prior print house website, DotPhoto, will remain there. And I have backups of everything. So nothing was lost in transition.

My session fee is $50 for up to the first 2 hours. After that it's $25 per extra hour. And there is a $20 travel fee if I have to travel over 30 minutes to reach my destination (so I usually try to find something between locations, that way there's no fee). I am planning on purchasing a portable printer. What this will do is allow me to bring my laptop and printer with me, and to print out proofs immediately. I will not be tacking on the time for me to edit or upload images. So if we've done our 2 hour session, and it takes me an hour to upload and edit then print proofs, it's still just 2 hours. Immediate proofs will probably be limited to photos that do not need major alterations. No special effects. I can get proofs of all images usually within 48 hours after the shoot...I just go to Target with a thumb drive and plug it into the machine up there. The prints, honestly, aren't great. But they're proofs, so they're not going to be great. They will also have a copyright symbol. If you choose the route of the Target photo lab, the other option is that I can go up to either the Webster location or Penfield location, submit the images for printing, and you can pick them up and pay for them. There's no extra fee for me taking them up there. So that's the news! I'm back!