Sunday, November 1, 2009

Raising Money for Mommies

I'm part of a Mom's group here in Rochester, but it's a national network called The Mommies Network. They need the money for insurance and all the technical stuff. So if anyone can contribute, that'd be great! If you're a mom in the Rochester, NY area, come and check us out. No dues, just fun! If you're not in the Rochester, NY area, check out for your local group. Rochester area go to

Monday, September 21, 2009

$10 off for Every 100 Lids

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I'm offering everyone $10 off of your session fee for every 100 Yoplait Yogurt lids you bring me. If you bring me 200 lids, that's $20 off..etc. 500 lids gets you a FREE session! Deal expires December 1st. Lids will be donated to help raise money for breast cancer.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Mendon Ponds Park Photoshoot

I did a photoshoot yesterday around Deep Pond in Mendon Ponds Park, located in Mendon, NY. The day started out rough with my map giving weird directions and my GPS battery dying, but I managed to get there! It was no biggie. I love the way the pictures turned out! Another two weeks in this area and everything will be so colorful. I definitely need to go out there again. Here are some highlights of the shoot!







Sunday, September 13, 2009

School is back in session

Hey everyone! I have an offer you can't refuse! I'm going to offer school pictures. It'll be the same format as a normal school picture with just 1 pose offered in a school package which I'll list below. The printing process is a little different from my typical prints, so the prices are less...they don't offer this process for regular photos, just the packages for school/event pictures like you'd get for school or soccer or softball..etc). This special will ONLY be good for the months of September and October and I'm going to do it yearly. The pictures won't go into the yearbooks...those pics will still be taken through the school. Last year my daughter wore a dark purple sweater for pictures and they put her against a lime green background at school. WTF?! Sorry. No. I can't stand the way school photographers (in my experiences) don't watch for stray hairs, or goofy faces, or nasty color matches. So for 1 pose only and 1 person only for as long as it takes to get the 1 pic, I'll do school pictures for just a $15 session fee. Or select a normal session with $50 fee, for 2 hours, unlimited poses as usual, choose 1 pose after viewing for a school pack, and other pics follow normal pricing. I don't normally limit my poses and the number of people but this would be just like if they were in school...except not. And the background will be real trees and leaves, not a pull down backdrop. I have a minimum order through my print house per order, so I'm going to set a minimum order of $25 for this, but you can pick from several packages and add more onto each a la carte. Shipping is still $10.00, is overnight, and right to your own door (or just pay handling for $3.00 and pick them up from me in person). Here are the packages to choose from:

Package A $25.00: 1-10x13, 2-8x10, 4-5x7, 8-3.5x5, 16-wallets

Or combine 2 of the following mini packs for $30.00:
1) 1-10x13, 4-8x10
2) 2-8x10, 8-5x7
3) 4-5x7, 32-wallets
4) 3-10x13
5) 6-8x10
6) 12-5x7
7) 24-4x5
8) 24-3.5x5
9) 48-wallets

3 of the above for $45.00, 4 for $60.00...etc. just add $15.00 per mini pack.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekday Fall Hours and Appointment Booking

I have new hours of availability that make scheduling with me a lot easier! Weekends are still going to be difficult but I'll post them in another post. The hours I'm listing are for appointment start times. Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM. Appointments beginning at 9:00 will end at 11:00 AM for example, while 12:30 appointments will end at 2:30 PM. This will give me time to get home before my kids get off the bus. Later hours will be on a first come, first serve basis and are going to be especially limited in the month of September. I do not have later hours or weekend hours yet but I will soon! To make an appointment, contact me and I will send you an invoice for $27.00. This is half of the session fee (which is $50.00 + 8% tax). You can pay online using the google checkout invoice, which will secure your appointment. On the day of your session you will simply pay me $27.00 by cash or check, or if you prefer you can pay the day before online, but only if the weather will positively be nice the day of the appointment. Payment in full will not be accepted more than 24 hours prior to appointment. Run a search in my blog for the word contract. You'll be able to pull up a link that leads to a PDF file of my contract. Print this out to read over and sign. You are not obligated to signing the modeling contract on the final page. If you do NOT want your images used by me for advertising, you can put an X through the section. If you'd like to wait to see what pictures there are first, simply leave it blank. The contract goes over rescheduling in the event of bad weather and other information.

Friday, August 14, 2009

New Laptop

Well my HP Pavillion DV9700 entertaintment laptop is a bust. As in...busted. I brought it up to Best Buy to be fixed. The adapter jack was shorting out and wasn't holding a steady charge when plugged in. So in it went and it was sent out. When it was done being repaired, the Geek Squad packed it up and shipped it out through UPS. When it got in, however, UPS had cracked the screen! So it had to be sent out again. I wasn't sure if this would be considered the 4th send out...when you have the extended warranty, if you have to send it out for 3 hardware repairs, the 4th time they junk out your computer and you get a new one. After waiting 10 more days or whatever it was, there was finally an online status that indeed they were trying to authorize it to be junked out. We called and called and called and finally they said go ahead and come in, it's been authorized. It hadn't been. Grr. But we'd driven over a half hour to the store with 2 kids who wanted to do nothing more than run around and rearrange the folding chairs in their little waiting area. Putting up with that in of itself, I wanted my computer. Now. So after standing around there for probably an hour, they finally authorized it and we went to look at new laptops. They prefer it if you get something that was equivalent in tech. Not money. But don't let them fool're allowed to get whatever you want so long as the laptop isn't more expensive than the prior. They were trying to pull this on us. I wanted the 17" Asus gaming laptop. So the guys checks...they're out of stock. Then he was trying to pawn off some Sony Vaio on thanks. Psh. So I turn to the Asus 15.6" and they ended up having one in that's what I got. And I love it. So far. I just need a case for it and finding 15.6" cases is difficult...15.4 and 15 are easy. So with that all said, I'm running a little behind on updates and stuff. Moral of the story though is to BACKUP EVERYTHING when you hand your computer over to Best Buy. You never know when UPS will break it. I'm glad I backed it all up.

Friday, July 31, 2009

The MacKenzie Photo Shoot

My Michigan trip was great, but it was even better since I got to see my long time friend Elyse and her family. She lives in the village of Manchester and I was able to get some great shots of her boys, whom I'll simply call D. and P. D. is 5 days younger than my oldest and P. is 5 months older than my youngest. :-)

(my daughter holding P.'s hand...this wasn't coached...they just held hands!)

Back from Vacation

Wow...what a whirlwind this vacation was. Not only were we busy every single day, but we were on the road about 33 hours within 10 days. 8 hours to and from Michigan. 5 hours to and from my parents' place to Mackinac City up north. 2 hours to and from Bay City for family visits and 3 hours from Manchester to my parents' place. Then on top of that there were dinners, and park trips, shopping, and all sorts. One thing I want to mention is our trip to Mackinac Island. We had booked a lakeview room for two nights at the Grand Hotel and ended up being upgraded to a named suite, which was just beautiful. The food there is exquisite. I only wish I'd had more time to sit out on the porch and drink ice tea. If you're ever wanting to find a place with history, great food, NO cars, and beautiful scenery then Mackinac Island is the place to go. You drive up I-75 north to Mackinac City and park your car at the ferry docks. There, you can buy your ticket but it's cheaper if you get them beforehand. There are 3 ferry companies and I believe two are 15 minute fast ferries while the other, Shepland's, is a traditional 30 minute ferry trip across. There are no cars on the island. The only motorized vehicle I've ever seen was an ambulance. There are 400 some permanent residents on the island and they all use bikes or cars, or walk. There is a school, public library, churches and everything. Just personally speaking, though, I think the coolest things are the horse-drawn taxi's. If you're staying at the Grand Hotel, they're beautiful enclosed mahogany painted coaches with a man in a uniform including top hat many times. Otherwise it's a cart with a roof but nevertheless fun. These taxi's are at the docks, there to pick you up and carry your things to the hotel you're staying at if on the island, and can cart you around wherever. It's $4.75 per person, per ride, however...which sounds cheap until you figure if there are 2 adults, that's $9.50 each time you need to use them. If you're staying at the Grand Hotel, that'll be almost every time you want to go back to the hotel unless you have on your serious walking's all up hill. Pretty sure kids are about half the price. If you stay on the main strip, you won't need to use one at all, really...just be sure your luggage rolls.

More to come about my trip...I took pictures too!
And There was only 1 entrant for the August contest so she's the automatic winner. :-) I'll post more about that later, and show the picture.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HP Computers Suck

Once again, I'm left using my husband's computer. I'm no computer genius but I do know that I've gone through around 12 adapters, 11 of them being HP brand, one Targus universal, between two laptops. I hadn't even had this computer a year when one of the hard drives crashed, by no fault of mine. And I get it back, use it maybe a week,'s crashing again. This time it had been BOTH hard drives. So I get that fixed. Now mind you, I've been dealing with laptops and Best Buy since about 2005. My first laptop lasted me nearly three years. I think I went through about 9 adapters with that one. Now with this one, the first adapter went back and came back replaced. That one ended up becoming having been through this before, back went the computer and I told them that I believed it to be the motherboard. They claimed nothing was wrong, and sent it back, saying there was probably something stuck inside the adapter, and they sent me another adapter...that ended up being an HP Universal. In the meantime I used a Targus universal. The Targus lasted me quite a while, but about a week ago, it b ecame really loose and I had to hold it in place to keep a charge. So I pulled out the one HP sent me barely fit. I had to really push it in. That lasted all of 1 week and now...I've sent in my laptop with the adapter...the plastic inside the adapter head melted. It's overheating. It was the biggest, best, most expesive non-Apple laptop at Best Buy. Let's just say, I won't be buying another HP laptop. I wish Alienware was at Best Buy.

And the Winner is.......

Heather! Congratulations everyone on a very close poll! Feel free to enter my next contest, but remember the same pictures cannot be entered! Heather has won a FREE 2 hour session!

Monday, July 13, 2009


New! I'll be rolling out the slide shows with background music. For just $5.00 I will turn your session into a private YouTube video with music in the background. You can even download it as an MP4 to put onto your iPod or computer. Nice eh? This is great for newborn sessions, birthday sessions, OR...and get this...if you've had multiple sessions with me, I can even mix the pictures. This is cute to watch your child grow. :-) Videos are no longer than 10 minutes long.

Monday, June 29, 2009


Are you pregnant and want maternity pictures done? I haven't done any photo sessions for this yet, but I can. Be my first guinea pig...I mean customer...and get your session FREE. Yup, I won't charge you. Must be showing. Most maternity sessions go better in the 3rd trimester. I can for the most part get rid of Linea Niagara, and stretch marks!

Upcoming Contest for August

Since kids are a popular photo subject, this next contest will be "Kids at Play." Winner of course will receive a free session. You can start Submitting images to me starting July 15th through July 31st. I can't promise ALL images will be up the same day as submitted because I'll be on vacation but they will ALL be up there by the 31st. I need to again apologize that there was one image that didn't get posted up for this current's because most mail is forwarded from my email address, to my main address and for some reason this one didn't. So it just means I will be checking my other address more often. For this contest, voting will begin on August 1st and run ONE week, from August 1st through the 7th. I've been posting on facebook for people to vote, so it's a lot of random people. Again, I'm not voting. Winner will be announced August 8th. PI'll be posting official rules for this next contest soon so make sure you click on the button to follow my blog, so you're allerted to all the new information. If you have facebook, you can add me, and you can also follow Playdate Photography on there. Run a search for Playdate Photography and both my facebook, and the photography facebook will pop up.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Lens

I got a new lens for my birthday and took a few test shots to try it out...then played. :-) Here are the pics.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Senior Photography and Summer Availablility

I've gone onto my site and updated my availability up to August, but I need to check with my husband to better know August's schedule. Just go to the Schedule link at the bottom of my site and choose the month you're looking for.

Senior Photography! If you are an 11th grader, or a parent of one, or friend of a parent of one...etc, let them know I do Senior Photography (under the name of Portraits by it doesn't say Playdate Photography). I do NOT have a standard background to do yearbook photos, however, I can offer them if you do not need a specific background. Check with the school. If you haven't seen the senior portrait session I did last year, check it out on my site, under galleries, Rachel T. Take your time in ordering. I know it's difficult to figure out which you will need and how many you need, as well as affording all of the ones you need. As always, you're not obligated to buy immediately. But if you need a yearbook photo, an order must be submitted since the print house has a minimum order (otherwise they charge me for whatever isn't ordered). See the blog post about free prints to get an idea of the sort of order that needs to be placed...each bulleted "package" is a minimum order through the printer. I do not offer packages to senior photo shoots. Why? Because you make your own package. My packages are 25% off a la carte prices normally. So you create your package from the a la carte list, then deduct 25% off. I believe you should get what you want for this very special occassion...not struggle trying to get enough. I do Bridal (not wedding) and Trash the Dress photography the same way.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pay Online!

I now have Google Shopping Cart, which is similar to eBay's invoice system, only you don't go through an external company like PayPal to do the invoice. And you also don't store your information on it, making it safer than PayPal. How this will work will be that you may order on my website,, and then I will get an email with your order. If anything seems off, I'll contact you, just to be sure and also I'll contact you prior to sending the invoice to make sure everything is as it should be. Once that is OK'ed I will send an invoice so be sure you include the email address you wish me to send the invoice to, on your order from my website (you don't pay on my site). When you get the invoice it will have a layout of how my prices are broken down, though you will have known the total prior to the invoice...this will be like a receipt so keep it! You click and sign into Google, paying using any major credit card or debit card. I will get the notice and it should go through. As soon as it goes through I will place the order. If this is done before 3:00 PM EST (I need to check on this), your order should arrive the next business day via FedEx. If after, the order will be processed the next day, and arrive the day after that, but I will send you tracking information. They deliver fast! Shipping and Handling is $10.00 (this is what they charge, not me...I don't add to it). Tax is 8%. They have minimum order requirements. See the list below about free prints...each one of those bullets is a required purchase amount, but I can work other packages out as well (each bullet in the other post is roughly equal to purchase).

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I've decided to start a promotional deal to get everyone free pictures. :-) If you refer a friend, who books and follows through with an appointment, you will earn free prints of your choice, in your size choice up to 10x20 (I'll list available sizes below). either standard portrait finish, OR Metallic. Your choice. And the best thing? If you refer 1 or 50, doesn't matter...EACH original person you refer who books and holds an appointment with me, you'll get prints each time. This offer is never going to expire. Spread the word! (Prints apply toward your next session's purchase)

Sizes available:

  • 5 sets (40) mini's (1.75x2.5)
  • 12 sets (48) wallets (2.5x3.5)
  • Eight 3.5x5
  • Eight 4x5
  • Six 4x6
  • Six 5x5
  • Five 5x7
  • Four 5x10
  • Four 6x9
  • Three 7x10
  • Three 8x8
  • Three 8x10
  • Two 8x12
  • Two 10x10
  • One 10x13 AND One 5x7
  • One 10x15 AND One 5x7
  • One 12x12 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 11x14 AND One set of wallets (4)
  • One 10x20

Thursday, June 4, 2009

About Me

I had this section originally on my page, but with my wide screen, I could see the jukebox and cart, and with a normal screen you can't, so I removed links and put them onto the Links section.

Hi! My name is Cathie Rainwater and I opened my business in the summer of 2008 so it's not been long. I am a mother of two girls, and I know it's so important to record all of those memorable moments that might otherwise be lost forever. Whether it's childhood milestones or lifetime milestones, I want to help you capture these events for you and all to enjoy year after year. When I had my first child I took her up to a local studio where we were living at the time every month to get an 8x10, which I would place into her scrapbook or photo album, with various every day snap shots on pages that followed for that month. It helped me keep track of her as she grew. Especially when my husband's ship was deployed in the US Navy. And it enabled him to enjoy watching her grow as well for the 7 months that we were apart since I was able to send him smaller versions that he kept in a small album he had on the ship. Then my second daughter came along when my first was 21 months old and suddenly I didn't have the time to get them dressed, and keep them clean, to take them monthly up to the studio. That's where my services differ. I will come to you. We can meet up where you live or a local public location such as a park, or the zoo. I not only do children's portraits, but also senior photos, engagement portraits, bridal portraits (not wedding photography), newborn sessions, and family portraits. So browse through my galleries and if you'd like to see more, I have more to be seen on another site. Thank you for considering my business! I hope to meet you soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purchasing Through Website

This is coming! I'm iin the process of activating my Google Checkout account, which is actually safer than PayPal. It takes a few days to verify and today is only day 3...and a Sunday. So I assume it'll be Tuesday, maybe Wednesday when the feature is up and going. I'm also working on another brand new feature! You'll be able to book your appointment and pay for half of your deposit right away (which is now mandatory to set the date in stone) all online through one website, which, when I have the site bugs worked out I'll have posted under my links section. I had to remove a few links from the bottom of my page if you noticed. I have a wide screen, but someone from Google Ads called me wanting me to buy something, of course, and just happened to mention that some of my stuff wasn't seen at the bottom. So I rearranged. I'm not very happy about it...I feel it should adjust by itself. And I'm sure there's some CSS out there that'll do that, but I don't control that aspect of the actual's just a template, and I don't control it. Anyway, anything moved is now under Links.

Today I will be adding the rest of my summer schedule up! Below this paragraph I will post my new booking rules. You can book any time up to whenever I have a schedule for, but please be aware that since I do mainly outdoor photography I am not in control of the weather, and may need to reschedule. I do Senior Photography as well, but I do NOT have the basic background so you may need to go to an actual studio to get the yearbook photo done. I need to check on the status of my white photo tent...if it's still in good condition then I can do a basic white background or black tent and I have issues. I'm short, it's tall. It folds into a round circle about twice the size of a frizbee. How? You don't wanna know. And it looks like I'm battling some giant evil white cube to get it to do this. I had a passer-by stop and watch, and when I finally got it, he chuckled and said it was entertaining. >.> I love my tent, but I wish it was easier to fold up...thus it's spent its winter in my garage simply flat...not in it's pouch. So I'll need to take it out, air it out, maybe wash the sides...if get any dust out, febreeze it just so it smells pretty and it'll be good to go. I keep planning on taking the background "sheets" up to Jo-Ann's to get more backgrounds but I haven't yet. Onto my new booking rules!

You can download my contract to read it over here. It's in PDF format. This page will NOT be permanent. I'll be moving it, but will announce the new link and it'll be on my website as well. Geocities is shutting down. I only use it for junk anyway, but I've had it for years so it's annoying that it's closing down. This is my contract, and it also contains my Model release form. I will ask that each person print this out on their own and bring it with you to the session. If you cannot, let me know and I will. I will go over everything with you but I don't like a lot of jargon, so there's only a little that is, which I copied from a website for legal stuff. The model release does NOT have to be signed ever. If you do not want your pictures used for advertising by me, then do not sign it. You can even X through it. These contracts will be kept on will need a new one each session, but I'm working on a shorter version where I can just bring your prior contract, and the new one will essentially be an addition (just lines to sign). The contract keeps both you and I safe. If I use images you've said I could use, and someone steals them, you and I can sue for damages, for example. Not just me. And it covers how to make appointments, and all that fun stuff. I highly encourage reading it before making an appointment. That's all for now! Enter my contest! It's free! You could win a free session!

Photography Contest Official Blog Post

I will be posting up images for your consideration for voting under THIS post so bookmark the individual post (click on title of post to go directly to this post only, then bookmark). I will be adding another blog post above this one so to prevent from losing this one, click and bookmark. So far I have 1 picture entered. Just a reminder I AM ACCEPTING PICTURES NOW for the contest, until JUNE 15 so time is running out! Remember this is for quality, not subject.






Saturday, May 9, 2009

All About the Photo Contest

I am going to be opening a photo contest! The winner will receive a free session (worth $50) and the chance to create your own package, at a package discount price. So if you need 40 wallets, and nothing else, and want them of 10 different poses, it's not going to cost you $40 (10 sets of 4 wallets @ $4 each set)'s going to only cost you $30.00! And the great thing? This isn't just open to the Rochester, NY area. It's available to the Rochester, NY area and the Metro Detroit, MI area. I will be traveling to Michigan in July, and will be approximately 30 miles north of Detroit. So spread the word! I will start accepting pictures May 15th and it will only be open for 1 month for entry! June 15th the contest closes, and voting will take place from June 15th through July 15th. Quality is the main goal here! Not a modeling contest, or beauty, or cutest baby contest. Crisp clear, and true color is important. Winner will be posted July 16th. Rules are as follows:

1)Photo cannot be professional or one that I have taken.
2) You must be the child's legal guardian to submit the photo if child is under 18.
3) Open to all ages, and photo can be from any time
4) No nudity even in babies
5) One entry per household
6) Pets are okay in the photograph, but not as the main photo (I'm only starting on pet photography)
7) Photos must be in JPG form, and emailed to me at
8) Full color, no enhancements, no black & white or sepia. Crops are okay.
9) This is not a beauty or cuteness contest, it's a photo contest, so quality is key.

I am not personally voting! I will post images on here in one blog post with numbers, no names, and there will be a poll with choices. This means only 1 vote per IP, I believe. Winner will receive a free session and discount personally created package, as well as a spot on my main page slide show and a featured gallery on my main page.

May Day, May Day!

It seems like this month I tend to be on the go non stop. There have been some changes to my pricing which I will post but you can check them out on my website also, There's been a new addition to my family! No I didn't have a baby. April 20th we brought home Copper, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. He is the sweetest dog and I am totally in love with him. I've taken some pictures of him which I'll post on here in a moment. There's more news! I am going to be opening a photo contest! The winner will receive a free session (worth $50) and the chance to create your own package, at a package discount price. So if you need 40 wallets, and nothing else, and want them of 10 different poses, it's not going to cost you $40 (10 sets of 4 wallets @ $4 each set)'s going to only cost you $30.00! And the great thing? This isn't just open to the Rochester, NY area. It's available to the Rochester, NY area and the Metro Detroit, MI area. I will be traveling to Michigan in July, and will be approximately 30 miles north of Detroit. So spread the word! I will start accepting pictures May 15th and it will only be open for 1 month for entry! June 15th the contest closes, and voting will take place from June 15th through July 15th. Winner will be posted July 16th. Rules are as follows:

1)Photo cannot be professional or one that I have taken.
2) You must be the child's legal guardian to submit the photo if child is under 18.
3) Open to all ages
4) No nudity even in babies
5) One entry per household
6) Pets are okay in the photograph, but not as the main photo (I'm only starting on pet photography)
7) Photos must be in JPG form, and emailed to me at
8) Full color, no enhancements, no black & white or sepia. Crops are okay.

I am not personally voting! I will post images on here in one blog post with numbers, no names, and there will be a poll with choices. This means only 1 vote per IP, I believe. Winner will receive a free session and discount personally created package, as well as a spot on my main page slide show and a featured gallery on my main page.

Now onto my new puppy's pics!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Eco Friendly!!

My Eco Friendly printing is on hold. Due to advertiser wording at the print house, I'm further investigating whether they truly do Eco Friendly photographic prints.

I've been searching around for a way to bring Eco Friendly portrait prints to clients. It was difficult to find but I finally found one and am really excited to be able to offer this service! Not only that but it'll include eco friendly mat boards, and frames. :-) Yay! I don't know what the pricing will be yet, but I will soon. So be sure to keep checking in my pricing section. I can't offer ala carte in eco friendliness yet, but will be offering packages.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Current Prices, April 12, 2009

My current prices for Photography are as follows:

$50.00 Session Fee for 2 hours of unlimited pictures
($20.00 travel fee IF over 20 miles from my home in Walworth)

For Senior Photo Pricing and Packages, follow this link.

À la carte Images (Order minimum is 2 units without package, example 8x10 and 5x7 )
8 Wallets.......$10.00
DVD Slide Show...$25.00
CD of all images 4x6, WITH package purchase...$25.00

CD's purchased separately:
(Includes rights to print)
5 images, 5x7: $115.00
5 images, 8x10: $150.00
10 images, 5x7: $155.00
10 images, 8x10 $225.00


Please follow this link to find package pricing

Baby's First Year Deals
Includes free Belly Shots for mom and FREE Photo CD of all images size 4x6!

Option 1: Newborn, 3 mos, 6 mos, 9 mos, 12 mos: $200 payable in 1 or 2 payments (Either pay in full at first session, or 2 payments due at first session and 6 mos session, non-refundable, under contract) (Price includes any belly shots, and a photo CD at EACH session! Add on a 20 image 6x9 photo book for just $85.00 and save $35.00!)

Option 2: Newborn, 4 mos, 8 mos, 12 mos: $150 payable in 1 or 2 payments (Either pay in full at first session, or 2 payments due at first session and 4 mos session, non-refundable, under contract) (Price includes any belly shots, and a photo CD at EACH session! Add on a 20 image 6x9 photo book for just $85.00 and save $35.00!)

A Day in the Life of...
My style of photography is typically considered Documentary Style, meaning candid, real life, and non-posed, though I do some posed. A Day in the Life of... is a long photo session ranging in 3, 6, 9, or 12 hour blocks on one day. I take pictures most of that time without saying "Look over here" or "Smile!" I simply catch you or your child's day. This is perfect for Brides wanting to commemorate their big day's preparations, just the reception, or even an all day, non-typical wedding photography session. Your day, whatever it might be, is captured and then recreated in a leather bound 8x10 photo book that is included in the fee, as well as a FREE photo CD of 4x6's for you to print anywhere you'd like, with copyright release. As always, I will put them on my website under a private password, and they will NEVER be removed...view them whenever you like and share them with whomever you like. This is a great alternative to Senior Photo Sessions! Get the 3 hour session, choose a 6x9 album with 20-24 images, get a Photo CD of all images in 4x6 size, AND get 100 wallets, all included in the session!

3 hours.....$250.00
6 hours.....$400.00
9 hours.....$550.00
12 hours...$700.00

Photo Book Prices
As an add on to any order, or ordered separately prices are as follows:

4x5, 4x6, or 5x5 with 20 images: $100.00
6x9 with 20 images: $120.00
8x8 or 8x10 with 20 images: $160.00
4x5, 4x6, or 5x5 with 24 images: $120.00
6x9 with 24 images: $150.00
8x8 or 8x10 with 24 images: $190.00
4x5, 4x6, or 5x5 with 32 images: $160.00
6x9 with 32 images: $200.00
8x8 or 8x10 with 32 images: $260.00

Each additional page (2 images) for 4x5, 4x6, or 5x5 is $10.00
Each additional page (2 images) for 6x9 is $12.00
Each additional page (2 images) for 8x8 or 8x10 is $16

Wedding Prices Coming Soon!

AND STAY TUNED! I am looking to add ECO FRIENDLY print packages (as soon as I find a printhouse who has eco friendly practices and papers)!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Website's Open!

My Website's Open!
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My website is officially open! It features 5 galleries to view selections of my work (Gallery 1 is my daughter Claudia, Gallery 2 is a featured client gallery from Senior photos last year, Gallery 3 is one of my first clients, and my first baby client, Gallery 4 is my daughter Katelyn, and Gallery 5 is non-people. Gallery 5 images are examples of things I sell as art or greeting cards, etc. I can do scenic photography on a commissioned basis). I have a link to this blog from there, and the web address of the site it: There is a calendar of available dates to make appointments, an email contact form that you can use to request appointments or request an email from me or a call from me to ask questions or make comments. There is a section for clients to login using a password to view their images and PURCHASE their images (currently payment is and check only, paypal with contact to me not through site yet), and share with friends and family. My links section is for links of interest...such as NIKO who provided the music in the background. If you would like a link added let me know! (Sorry, won't be linking to local photography unless we're working together but if you're out of NY, I'd be happy to). And don't forget to sign my guestbook and leave me some feedback! I love to hear from everyone! Thanks so much! Without everyone's words of encouragement, I wouldn't have gotten here. :-)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Time people amaze me...

...and not in a good way. You won't see any pictures of the outside of a Time Warner store here. The reason? If I went over there to take a picture, I'd go in and discuss this situation with someone and they don't want me to discuss this with them. Apparently they feel that they should charge based on usage. After years of not. Uploading and downloading eat up GB and that will make your usage go up. So...say...uploading customer images, will end up costing us a mint in the end. I need to find a different provider.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Been a While...

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Well it's been a while. All winter actually. I've realized that having two young children in school makes for one sick family. So I'm thinking winter photography is going to end up as near impossible. Now that the weather is turning nice, however, I have plans to start doing more.

Seen in the picture I have here, is my oldest daughter who is now 6. She had a birthday over winter and we had a big bash at a local jump house place. Everyone loved it (except me...I had a sinus infection, fever, headache the whole shebang). In this picture, however, is not her birthday, but Juliette "Daisy" Low's. No...not the model. The founder of the Girl Scouts. The troop celebrated with a tea party and the girls LOVED it. They were all so very quiet and polite sitting there in their dresses and hats. They had apple juice instead of tea, jelly sandwiches cut into the shape of hearts, instead of cucumber finger sandwiches. And they had Scooby Snack crackers to go along with everything. wasn't technically a "by the book" tea party...but they were all 5 and 6. I realized, I need to get myself a bunch of floppy hats, dresses, and a table cloth like that...I could get a fan and a bunch of other stuff, go to a person's house and set it up right there at their table. Soooo cute! I'll be taking my daughter's 6 year portraits soon as well. I'm going to punk her out and maybe let her hold one of the RockBand game guitars, or we have an acoustic...though it might be too big. I keep envisioning fake money that looks real, and a bunch of real coins, tossed into a hat, as she sits someplace pretending to place in a park. :-) Might be fun. We'll see! Anyway, I'm back for business! And I now have an emailable and pritnable price sheet. I'm not going through my prior print house, and am going through a far better lab. All photos on the prior print house website, DotPhoto, will remain there. And I have backups of everything. So nothing was lost in transition.

My session fee is $50 for up to the first 2 hours. After that it's $25 per extra hour. And there is a $20 travel fee if I have to travel over 30 minutes to reach my destination (so I usually try to find something between locations, that way there's no fee). I am planning on purchasing a portable printer. What this will do is allow me to bring my laptop and printer with me, and to print out proofs immediately. I will not be tacking on the time for me to edit or upload images. So if we've done our 2 hour session, and it takes me an hour to upload and edit then print proofs, it's still just 2 hours. Immediate proofs will probably be limited to photos that do not need major alterations. No special effects. I can get proofs of all images usually within 48 hours after the shoot...I just go to Target with a thumb drive and plug it into the machine up there. The prints, honestly, aren't great. But they're proofs, so they're not going to be great. They will also have a copyright symbol. If you choose the route of the Target photo lab, the other option is that I can go up to either the Webster location or Penfield location, submit the images for printing, and you can pick them up and pay for them. There's no extra fee for me taking them up there. So that's the news! I'm back!