Monday, November 3, 2008

Senior Photo Session

Originally uploaded by CathieRainwater
Yesterday I had the honor of doing my first ever photo shoot for a senior of class 2009. It went great! It was cold...and wet. But we managed to find dry areas (as well as muddy ones), and some really nice scenery over at Ellison Park. I will definitely be utilizing this place far more often! I really like the way the pictures came out and it takes me back to my senior year of high school...and how I wish I could've had outside pictures. I had the in-studio ones that I didn't really care for. I almost had bad luck with the pictures because of the time change. Since we fell backwards one was darker sooner. When normally 3-5PM was a good time for pics, I think 2-4PM will now be my good time for them. A reminder for seniors, while October and November are beautiful times to get pictures done, it's COLD. If you don't mind the cold, great. :-) Otherwise be sure to schedule into the first half of October, and remember that weather can be tricky this time of year, so have a backup date planned. Another thing I learned...bring hot coffee/chocolate, gloves, babywipes if you have them, paper towels, tissues, and a spare pair of jeans/pants if the weather will be cold and/or wet. I welcome "cheat sheets" which are printed out copies of other images you like...just to get some ideas of poses. So when the time comes, 100% feel free to bring along ideas.