Sunday, November 9, 2008

Christmas is Approaching

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With Christmas approaching, I'm gearing up for photos. I have some new props, but I'm limited. Next year I imagine that I'll have more. Right now I'm in search of a Santa Suit. If anyone knows of one I can borrow until Dec 15th, I'd launder it and get it back quickly. I don't need a beard...just the pants, boots (if having), coat, gloves and hat. I have to get a small Christmas tree still with some mini I'll be hitting Hobby Lobby soon. I'm stretched on time, though. My girl scout troop is going to donate handmade scarves to the giving tree at their school. They're all 5 years old, so I'll be technically making the scarves, and they will just be adding the knots on the fringes. :-) Christmas Photos are starting now and running until December 15th. It only takes roughly a week total to go from photo shoot, editing, uploading, choosing/ordering*, to delivery. The choosing part is what usually takes the longest and can determine the length of time. But if you want to get cards out in time, you'll want to get an order in no later than about the 15th of Dec so they get the card before Christmas. Orders are shipped directly to you in about 2 days after the order is placed. They're super fast. Either way, there is a $10 shipping and packaging fee (the print house charges a small fee for packaging, but it's so worth it!). Pictures are delivered via FedEx. I actually bought 26 folded cards to use as birthday invites for my daughter and I'm hooked. I love their quality and how I can do a personalized image. We're doing build a bear, so we chose the image below. :-) Anyway, I also have a TON of slimlines now...they're adding more often, and some of them are templates so you will be able to preview them PRIOR to ordering. Below in one of y blog posts is my November/December schedule. Remember, rain is about the only thing that keeps me from taking pictures outside. I can deal with snow. If it's cold...we can do picture-picture-picture...put coat back on and drink hot coffee...picture-picture-picture...coat and coffee...etc. Be sure to check the weather channel for the 10-day forecast to get a somewhat decent idea of what it'll be like in the next 10 days. You can email me at for any questions, concerns, and appointments. :-)