Sunday, October 5, 2008

Girl Scouts!

Long Acre Farms
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We signed up Claudia to be in Daisy Girl Scouts. :-) And then on top of that I am going to be a co-leader of her troop. Tonight after getting my hair done, I will be going to a meeting with other leaders. Should be fun. :-) But it may at some point reduce my availability.

I am going to be opening my website soon. I just need to gather a bit more money to purchase the design. When that happens, the site will have an appointment calendar that shows my availability and some other really great features. I'm really excited about it. Once that's up and going, I'll be focusing on another image editing software but that'll take a bit more time to save up for. Given the economy I may not see that until after Christmas.

Right now I'm focusing on Halloween and fall pictures. And starting in the first week of November I'll also start on Christmas (so people can have cards ready and such...which I also offer). Winter will be a difficult time for pictures because you can't really go outside, and my current backdrop is a 5 ft. tent, which is sort of difficult to fit adults into (one reason I concentrate on children's photography). I have no problem going to a church, or if you have an indoor location you like and we can get permission, or even your own home. I can do outdoor if you want to go pick out a Christmas tree, for example. Or sledding excursions. And I know of a place that does sleigh rides. However, you'll need to consider outterwear carefully and potentially have a warm set, and a dress set...otherwise you'll have a toddler bundled in a snowsuit, and it'll be all you see. :-) so winter will be difficult, unless it's on location indoors. For outdoor photo shoots in the winter also, we will strive to only be out there as long as essentially needed, and I won't go outside if the cold is at a dangerous level. So checking the wind chill will be essential. I don't want anyone coming down sick! I know of at least two great locations for sledding in Penfield and Walworth. The Penfield location is close enough to Wegman's to go in and get hot chocolate or coffee afterwards. And the one in Walworth is near to my home, and the and hot chocolate. So that could give an opportunity to warm up those noses and toes. Any other location, I'd like to be sure there is some place near to, to do the's just a safety precaution.

Currently, Long Acre Farms is having a TON of activities. If you would like to get pictures done there, be sure to bring along $10 per person ages 5 and up, and $6.50 for children 2 - 4 years to be able to take advantage of these activities. You can still go for free! But if you want to do the hayride, cow train ride, Back 40, Jumping Pillow & Amazing Maize Maze, the admission is a one-for-all activities. And they've got a GREAT selection of pumpkins! I spent about an hour and a half there yesterday and really, they're perfect carving pumpkins and painting pumpkins. I was half tempted to get one just for the seeds!

And just a reminder before I hit the Post Entry button. Though I originally figured I'd be doing weekends only, I have decided to do only days my husband has off...this is so that I don't have to bring my kids with me, or that he can go, too, to watch them while I work. It just doesn't work very well for me to have them there they are only 3 and 5 and I worry about their safety, as well as my sanity. :-)