Tuesday, September 16, 2008

September - October Info

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Well it's nearing the time that my session fees will take effect. October 1st. $50 session fee, except for those who have the Best Friend Membership Card, which is $25 instead. If you have one, it activates October 1st this year, and will expire October 1st, 2009. Membership cards cost $60 but save you $40 each time you come and visit me. You get $25 off your session fee and a free 8x10, which is a $15 value. If you just used me two times after the purchase of the card, you'll save $80, which means the card paid for itself. 50% off of session fee applies to standard $50 sessions only. For specialty sessions (Bridal, senior, Day in the Life of..., etc...), it saves you $25 off the session fee. So you want to get in before October 1st? Here's my availability (subject to change, check before making your plans; Take into consideration that I may or may not have my two children with me when you pick your time and place):

Sept 20th (will have my kids)
Sept 21st (Afternoon only, will have kids)
Sept 23rd

And that's it. My time slots of availability went crazy and got filled up. As of right now I only know up to October 5th for a schedule. My available day is Sunday, October 5th. I do still have time slots open for the $10 pumpkin patch portraits on October 4th. I can take them at the following times (at Long Acre Farms):

11:30 AM

The rest of the time slots have been filled. I will also be able to do pictures on October 13th at 3PM since it's Columbus Day and there is no school. If you want to schedule yourself in before October 1st (or for any day), email me at cathie@playdatephotography.net.