Monday, September 8, 2008

School Days

Well it's official. I'm a mom of two kids in school. No tears, no sadness. I was told over and over by everyone I'd cry, and yet, I defied them...and in truth, I knew I wouldn't. I'm excited! First and foremost, my kids love school (who wouldn't love preschool and kindergarten? Playing, games, stories, and snack!), so I knew they'd have fun. Second, neither of them fear being away from me like that. I feel it has to do with my constant reassurance and support...they're comfortable and know I'll be there. But then also...omg...I have ME time. Real ME time. Something I've not had for 5 1/2 years! You can't honestly know what it's like, unless you never use any babysitters...ever. I have left my kids at a sitter's TWICE. Once was just my oldest, at my sister-in-law's while I went to see the last LOTR movie with a friend. Then the other day I wanted to get my hair done and a friend said she would watch them. And viola...that's it. Two 5 1/2 years. Maybe it sounds selfish to some, but I think I need it. today was my oldest's 4th day of school, and my youngest's first. Her picture is blogged on the side...that's her JoJo's Circus backpack she was showing off. And below is my oldest waiting for the bus! This of course means no weekday appointments! Unless of course we set one up specifically on a day my husband will be home. :-)

Claudia Waits for the bus