Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sky is blue
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Just a pretty picture I snapped while in Corbett's Glen...pointed the camera lens up and clicked.

The woot? I'm excited! I just found a wonderful print service that uses Kodak PROFESSIONAL paper! What's more...the greeting cards are WAY cheaper! I'm so excited about that! I hated the fact that the greeting cards through dotphoto are like...$4 or $5 EACH. Ridiculous. I wouldn't pay that personally. Now, I'll be able to offer them at a mere $2.00 each! Just don't order through my DotPhoto. If you want some, order straight through me. With Christmas coming up...that will be an amazing deal. I go to the grocery store and it's $20 for 8 cards anymore! And they're not customized! Mine will be, and will be $20 for 10. I'm also going to be able to offer a wonderful size selection! 23 to be exact, ranging from what they call mini which comes in a set of 8, up to 20x30. doesn't stop there. I've got metallic though it's not recommended for portraits (scrapbooking though!!!) and true digital black & white paper. So there will be some excellent stuff. Framing too. :-) I've got about 40 portfolio shots. So I'm nearly half way there. Once I get session fee will be $50 and my prices will go up...but I hand deliver portraits, box them, and they'll be on better paper. So...that all in mind, a little reminder, if you use my services while I'm in my portfolio stage (aka right now), before I get the 100th picture, you get a free 1 year member ship (normally $50 to join) that gets you 50% off my session fee, and a free 8x10 and free 5x7 of your choice. So even if you don't buy any extra get 2 prints for free. It doesn't become active until you have a session with me after my 100th picture but I give you the card at our first session anyway.

Another reminder, in the school year, I'll only be doing weekends and a few weekday appointments. Week day appointments will be based on my husband's work schedule and his ability to get our kids from school. :-) I have his work schedule through September and the first week of October. The Pumpkin Patch Portraits held at Long Acre Farms will be Saturdays the 4th, 11th, and 18th for $10 (this is not part of my portfolio building). My best day for it will be on the 4th at this point. There are only 8 spots open each Saturday. If you would like to schedule a separate normal photo shoot at Long Acre during that season, and I haven't reached my 100th picture, then there is still no session fee. The $10 fee will be pretty much to cover baby sitting for my kids on the 11th and 18th. (lol) But really it's because I'd like so raise enough money to donate a framed portrait of the farm to the family who owns it, and hopefully get them into the picture as well, as a way of thanking them for letting me use it for free. It was soooo super nice of them...and they have a beautiful pond for pictures, the corn field is amazing (no pun intended!) and the kids just love it there. I think that wraps up this blog. Things are looking up! I even found a place to get a website...once I'm more established. Don't be shy! I love to talk on the phone. Contact me and we can set up an appointment! :-)