Monday, August 4, 2008


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I hate wasps. It seems it's all I ever see...I want them gone! I'm scared of them, truthfully. I go out to check the mail, and I get buzzed. Uh...and not the good buzzed. :-)

I'm looking at a VERY busy month as said in my prior blog. I've added to that. I'm registering my daughter for preschool on the 7th, finally. I love love love this preschool. Friday the 8th, the RM Wayne Co. moms are going to go to Long Acre Farms, which I also love, and I'll be doing a photo shoot there. Next day, Saturday, is ballet, garage sale, and Perinton Square Mall for the "Fun Stuff 4 Kids" event. On Sunday the 10th, I'm going to a picnic with some friends in Ellison park. I think I'm going to do a photo shoot of my girls there that day. That's all just this week. I'm also excited to announce that I received my "Best Friend Member" cards today! So if you're one of the people I do a shoot for in my portfolio period, you'll receive this card absolutely free. It's good for 50% off my session fee (which will normally be $50) plus a free 8x10 and free 5x7 of your choice each session. Can't beat that all for $25.

Next week brings another photo shoot, this time at the beach. Ice cream with the Wayne Co. moms. Another trip to Long Acre Farms with a friend and her kids. And my girls' ballet observation. I'm very excited about this! I still have open spots for the month of August. They are as follows:

Aug. 7: Evening
Aug. 12: Afternoon (if at Charlotte Beach) and Evening
Aug. 13: Morning
Aug. 19 Evening
Aug. 20 Morning and Day
Aug. 25 Anytime
Aug. 30 Anytime

These may change if I get other bookings or schedule family time. Contact me if you're interested in booking your appointment!