Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sandbar Beach, Webster, NY

I wasn't feeling well yesterday and neither was a client, so a beach photo shoot was canceled. Well...I had an itchy "trigger" finer and told my husband to saddle up and we were going for a drive today. We headed on down to the Seaway trail, which is Lake Rd, and took a drive down to the Irondequoit Bay. It's a quaint little beach area and reminds me of just about any little beach area. Dilapidated homes but some of them are fabulous. And then there is this little Sandbar Beach. It's not really a fact there are signs that say no swimming everywhere. It'd be nice for a picnic lunch at a table, or a BBQ since they have grills there, but otherwise it's just a pretty picture. It almost looks tropical...until you look out at the lake and see something like this right off the shore...sort of breaks up the serenity:


All in all though it was a lovely drive. We stopped at a place by Webster Park, and there were swans and ducks.


They were following us! I was a little worried they'd get mad or something but they were looking for a handout. This part of Webster Park had a funny smell. But it's a lake so what can I say? TONS of skipping rocks. And a nice scenery selection too.

Webster Park, Webster, NY

There is a playground at Webster park, so if you're looking for a nice family drive, grab some bread crumbs and head on out there! You'll have a nice time. Need directions on how to get there? Google Map Webster Park, 999 Lake Rd, Webster, NY.