Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Week

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The week of the 18th through the 24th so far has been a long week. My sister was hospitalized, so everything sort of went topsy turvey as I waited anxiously by the phone whenever I was home. The first half of the week turned out to be slow only because not much happened. Then yesterday, I spent the entire day away from home. I got up early, went to a playgroup at 9:30AM, had to go to the grocery store to pick a couple things up, then get out to drop off my girls to a friend's at 1PM, so I could be to a hair appointment by 1:30PM. I didn't get done there until 4:45PM, got over the my friends and just wanted to sit and let the girls play more. 6:20PM we left there and went out to dinner, meeting my husband at the restaurant (he had been working). And at 8:15PM we finally got home. Got the girls to bed and got to sit and relax once and for all around 9:00 PM. I ended up going to bed early (for me 11:30PM is early). But I was jolted from sleep several times by my oldest. Figures. 7:30AM up this morning for the girls' last day of ballet in the summer session. We were there from 9AM to 10:30AM as usual, ran through Dunkin to get some coffee, hit the hair salon to get my oldest's hair cut...they were too busy. Ran to Target to get a bunch of stuff. Came home for a few hours. Then went up to Corbett's Glen. I snapped off some pictures but the mosquitoes were bad so we left. Got home and my husband was here, fed the girls...then took them out for ice cream. Came home, put them to bed, and now all is quiet. I'm yawning. I'm thinking about going to bed early again.