Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Geek Squad

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So on August 13th...which wasn't a Friday...my laptop went back in for repairs. I just got it back from getting a new hard drive. No, I don't kill my laptops or do anything funky to them, it just happens to be a run of bad luck. This is why I back everything up. All images are nice and safe. So don't worry about that. But my monitor/top/lid thing of it was coming loose...yeah...weird. And the left latch wasn't latching...also weird. Plus the hard drive was having problems again. I'd freeze up at least 3 times per day. Yes, I'm running Vista, but I swear I'm not Windows ignorant and that's not what's going on. I was getting to the point where I was trying to uninstall everything thinking something I had was corrupt. But after all was said and done, it just needed to go back. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I've been without it now for about a week...and the insanity has kicked in. I can't handle watching tv. Just sitting there drives me nuts. I have to be doing something...scanning the net, in my chats, in my boards, editing images, tracking TS Fay (I have family and friends in FL). And using my husband's computer bothers me. So what've I been doing? Laundry and cleaning. *Shock, gasp, lots of amazement* Yeah yeah...I know. I try to get my kids out of the house and take pictures a lot too, but today, I had a reschedule...and I would've rescheduled anyway. My throat is sore. Tomorrow is this BBQ we're doing, so I'm hoping I feel better then. And on the 22nd I have a playgroup to attend. The following day is ballet (last day for my girls for the summer session), and then I'm going back to Corbett's Glen with a friend. Following that, Sunday I have a birthday party to go to. Yes. I try to keep busy on purpose. School starts in just 15 days. Can you believe it?! That means 2 more weeks I can do any day photography, and then weekends only. So I keep pressuring, if you want a shoot done now, now is the time to do it. Especially since I'm still in my portfolio phase and I have no session fee, and lower prices. My next post will detail my new pricing system. Have a great day!