Friday, August 29, 2008

Getting frustrated...

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Okay so my laptop was put in for repairs on AUGUST 13TH. I kid you not. As said before, BOTH hard drives crashed...this was after the GS replaced one because it crashed, too. Plus this time the hinge was coming loose meaning the entire lid/screen had to be replaced. That's my fault...I was leaving it laying on the lid while open, so the fans could keep the laptop cool. Anyway...two days ago it was done. It was up for inspection, which took 2 days, and was FINALLY shipped out this morning. And because of Labor won't be there until some time next week. Ugh.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

My portfolio

Sorry...but for some reason this template cuts off parts of images. I'm working on getting a different template.

Monday, August 25, 2008

She got a reward!

TaylorParty 142a
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We have been battling our oldest daughter, who is now 5, from sleeping with us in our bed for about 2 years. We have finally won the battle and as a reward, she has received a Nintendo DS Lite with Nintendo Dogs. :-) She's loving the training and has a little puppy named Ahayla.


TaylorParty 302a
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The long weekend was rounded off with a birthday party for one of the girls' friends. We had a lot of fun! I got home though around 2:30PM I think, uploaded over 300 images, edited, and uploaded to flickr about 222 total...this was one of them. I was up until 2AM editing and uploading. I'm beginning to think my birthday fees won't be the standard $50. This technically wasn't a job I was hired was just something I did for a friend. :-) But I'm going to have to say that if it takes 10 hours (total minus breaks, tucking in kids, etc) to edit...that's $250. Since I couldn't ever see hiring a photographer for a kid's party for that price, I'll say $150 and call it even...but there will be 100 images. Not 200+. For the extra 100 (if I get that many) I will just charge $50 more. Plus I will need 3 weeks notice and a deposit of $25.00. If canceling, it must be done more than 24 hours prior to the event. The $25 goes towards the cost of the session. I don't just do snapshots for great scrapbooking...I do portraits during this as well.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Long Week

Picture 008
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The week of the 18th through the 24th so far has been a long week. My sister was hospitalized, so everything sort of went topsy turvey as I waited anxiously by the phone whenever I was home. The first half of the week turned out to be slow only because not much happened. Then yesterday, I spent the entire day away from home. I got up early, went to a playgroup at 9:30AM, had to go to the grocery store to pick a couple things up, then get out to drop off my girls to a friend's at 1PM, so I could be to a hair appointment by 1:30PM. I didn't get done there until 4:45PM, got over the my friends and just wanted to sit and let the girls play more. 6:20PM we left there and went out to dinner, meeting my husband at the restaurant (he had been working). And at 8:15PM we finally got home. Got the girls to bed and got to sit and relax once and for all around 9:00 PM. I ended up going to bed early (for me 11:30PM is early). But I was jolted from sleep several times by my oldest. Figures. 7:30AM up this morning for the girls' last day of ballet in the summer session. We were there from 9AM to 10:30AM as usual, ran through Dunkin to get some coffee, hit the hair salon to get my oldest's hair cut...they were too busy. Ran to Target to get a bunch of stuff. Came home for a few hours. Then went up to Corbett's Glen. I snapped off some pictures but the mosquitoes were bad so we left. Got home and my husband was here, fed the girls...then took them out for ice cream. Came home, put them to bed, and now all is quiet. I'm yawning. I'm thinking about going to bed early again.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photo CD's

Mini Ballerina
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I will be offering photo CD's. But they will be for a set price. See below for details:

All EDITED images, 4x6: $25.00
5 EDITED images, 5x7: $115.00
5 EDITED images, 8x10: $150.00
10 EDITED images, 5x7: $155.00
10 EDITED images, 8x10 $225.00

I do not sell digital negatives. Digital negatives are unedited images. I do not sell high resolution actual original edited images.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sandbar Beach, Webster, NY

I wasn't feeling well yesterday and neither was a client, so a beach photo shoot was canceled. Well...I had an itchy "trigger" finer and told my husband to saddle up and we were going for a drive today. We headed on down to the Seaway trail, which is Lake Rd, and took a drive down to the Irondequoit Bay. It's a quaint little beach area and reminds me of just about any little beach area. Dilapidated homes but some of them are fabulous. And then there is this little Sandbar Beach. It's not really a fact there are signs that say no swimming everywhere. It'd be nice for a picnic lunch at a table, or a BBQ since they have grills there, but otherwise it's just a pretty picture. It almost looks tropical...until you look out at the lake and see something like this right off the shore...sort of breaks up the serenity:


All in all though it was a lovely drive. We stopped at a place by Webster Park, and there were swans and ducks.


They were following us! I was a little worried they'd get mad or something but they were looking for a handout. This part of Webster Park had a funny smell. But it's a lake so what can I say? TONS of skipping rocks. And a nice scenery selection too.

Webster Park, Webster, NY

There is a playground at Webster park, so if you're looking for a nice family drive, grab some bread crumbs and head on out there! You'll have a nice time. Need directions on how to get there? Google Map Webster Park, 999 Lake Rd, Webster, NY.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 Blog Topics - How I use Facebook

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Well...I don't really use it. I have it, and Myspace, but I rarely go onto it. I like that there are applications where I can do some silly little game and save trees. Or when it was around, play Scrabulous. But's gone. And I think I have some people on my facebook that I don't know. It's nice to be able to keep up with old schoolmates, though. And I get to post to the community my images (not all of them of course). My kids...etc. I would spend a lot of time on it before. Now, not so much.

I did a quiz!

You See the World Through Blue Colored Glasses

You live your life with tranquility. You have faith that things will work themselves out with time.

You judge all your interactions through the lens of hope. You try to get all the facts before forming your opinion.

You face challenges with wisdom. You know that all bad things pass, and you have the confidence to see problems through.

You see love as the utmost expression of trust. Your relationships tend to be peaceful and stable.

At your worst, you can be cool, melancholy, and detached. You sometimes have to step back from emotionally charged situations.

You are at your happiest when you are able to reflect and relax.

Booking Appointments Online

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Starting September 3rd you will be able to book your appointments ONLINE! Just look for the little "booknow" button. Remember during the school year I will only be taking appointments on the weekends. However, if you would like to book a weekday appointment, contact me personally and I can see what I can do. (My husband has off in the week at times, and will be home for the kids, so I can do photos) Pumpkin Patch Portraits are ONLY on October 4th, 11th, and 18th which are all Saturdays. I can do normal sessions at the pumpkin patch on the 5th, 12th, and 19th if you'd like, though, for my basic session. Pumpkin Patch Portraits are a GREAT way to try me out and get some adorable scrapbook pictures of your little one or little ones. :-)

Standard Pricing

My Girls
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This will all eventually be on my website. Right now I have really nice prices and I'm really happy to be able to do that at the moment. But there's one small problem. I need an interfacing website where customers can go to proof their images and then order all at the same time. And I need Photoshop. And some new lenses for my camera to get a more diverse photo array. And another memory card. I could go on. Until my 100th portfolio photo my session fee is ZERO. Free. By allowing me to capture your child (or you!) on photo, you're doing me a great service by signing a model release, because it means I am getting a lot of great practice in and my customers can see it for themselves. How do I use the images? Mostly I'll print out an 8x10 and put it into a photo album (my portfolio). But I also have a portfolio album on Flickr and one on Dotphoto for now, though it's kept private (I don't want others buying the pictures in there). On my new website, they'll be displayed. In order to get the great website, maintain my flickr account, get photohshop, and other subscriptions I need for editing, I won't be able to do free sessions once my portfolio sessions are done. My session fee will go up to $50, but it includes my time and work, image editing, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with owning a camera. The memory cards don't last a great deal of time, so each time I'm using and reusing, I need to consider buying another just because what if one dies on me? Camera repair if something happens. Laptop use...if you read my prior post, you'll understand that. If google maps says it takes more than 45 minutes to get to a location, I need to charge a $20 travel fee (that covers there and back gas). And in the future when I can get it set up, there will be a deposit of $25 for your session. It goes towards your session fee. I've had a lot of reschedules last minute. I'm a totally understanding person, but with 2 kids and a busy schedule, during the school year, it won't be an easy task to reschedule. I'd lose out on a day's work. Weather can't be that won't be included. It'll be a 24 hour policy...if notice is give 24 hours or more before the appointment time, the deposit will be returned. Again, I don't have this set up yet. Things happen. I'm a mom. So I understand. Next, I'll be using a professional print service. Better quality for you. :-) I'm excited about this. I've worked out 4 custom packages that I think you'll be excited about too. For starters I'll list my ala carte prices (again, this is future use, not yet in place):

Set of 8 wallets: $5.00
4x6: $1.00
5x7: $8.00
8x10: $15.00
11x14: $26.00
16x20: $45.00

There are a ton of other sizes as well. Now for the packages that I've put together...these are basics...I'll have specialty as well:

Basic Pkg) 1-8x10, 2-5x7, 8 wallets: $17.99 (Save: $18.01)
Pkg A) 1-8x10, 4-4x6, 3-5x7, 16 wallets: $24.99 (Save: $28.01)
Pkg B) 1-11x14, 2-8x10, 6-4x6, 4-5x7, 32 wallets: $59.99 (Save: $58.01)
Pkg C) 1-11x14 FRAMED, 4-8x10, 12-4x6, 8-5x7, 32 Wallets: $110.00 (Save: $112.00)

I'm going to have scrapbooker special packages consisting of wallets and 4x6's. My Day in the Life of... Package will be adjusted as well. So the price right now per 8x10 being $6.29 each won't work well for the professional printing. I'm knocking $5.00 off each 8x10 for the Day in the life of... package. 30-8x10's, me for x-amount of hours, an album, and I will album all of the images myself in order. It will break down to:

$300 for prints
Session fee: $100 for 4 hours; $150 for 6 hours
Album & Archiving: $50................

Total: 4 Hours: $450.00; 6 Hours: $500.00

(Seems like a lot, but I take photos from breakfast on, for 4 or 6 hours...or from lunch to dinner, or lunch to bed. Or birthday parties! I can do 8 hours as well, for $550.00.

I'm also considering doing Bridal photos (NOT wedding). These pictures are just of the bride done at Sonnenberg Gardens in Canandaigua with a $150 location fee added. Cost for 2 hours would be $300.00 for prints, $50 session/editing, $150 location and $50 album and archiving for a total of $550.00. A fee of $25 per extra person.

Senior Photos I will be doing as well but at the moment I have only 1 package put together. Unlimited poses plus yearbook pose, 3 outfits, 1-11x14, 8-8x10, 16-5x7, 14 wallets plus session fee for 2 hours: $350.00. Proof album is $20.00 minimum, or $3.00 per page if more than 7 (includes cover).

Just an update to all I've been planning. :-)

Geek Squad

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So on August 13th...which wasn't a laptop went back in for repairs. I just got it back from getting a new hard drive. No, I don't kill my laptops or do anything funky to them, it just happens to be a run of bad luck. This is why I back everything up. All images are nice and safe. So don't worry about that. But my monitor/top/lid thing of it was coming loose...yeah...weird. And the left latch wasn't latching...also weird. Plus the hard drive was having problems again. I'd freeze up at least 3 times per day. Yes, I'm running Vista, but I swear I'm not Windows ignorant and that's not what's going on. I was getting to the point where I was trying to uninstall everything thinking something I had was corrupt. But after all was said and done, it just needed to go back. It was the last thing I wanted to do. I've been without it now for about a week...and the insanity has kicked in. I can't handle watching tv. Just sitting there drives me nuts. I have to be doing something...scanning the net, in my chats, in my boards, editing images, tracking TS Fay (I have family and friends in FL). And using my husband's computer bothers me. So what've I been doing? Laundry and cleaning. *Shock, gasp, lots of amazement* Yeah yeah...I know. I try to get my kids out of the house and take pictures a lot too, but today, I had a reschedule...and I would've rescheduled anyway. My throat is sore. Tomorrow is this BBQ we're doing, so I'm hoping I feel better then. And on the 22nd I have a playgroup to attend. The following day is ballet (last day for my girls for the summer session), and then I'm going back to Corbett's Glen with a friend. Following that, Sunday I have a birthday party to go to. Yes. I try to keep busy on purpose. School starts in just 15 days. Can you believe it?! That means 2 more weeks I can do any day photography, and then weekends only. So I keep pressuring, if you want a shoot done now, now is the time to do it. Especially since I'm still in my portfolio phase and I have no session fee, and lower prices. My next post will detail my new pricing system. Have a great day!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Did I mention my girls are in ballet? They attend the Botsford School of Dance in the Gymnastics Training Center, which is located in Penfield on 250. Claudia is still debating whether or not she wants to continue with ballet or go on into something else. Either way, it'll be something to do during the week, and leave my weekends open. We love the teachers there. Both of my girls have Miss Cynthia who is a WONDERFUL teacher. Claudia was in her son's preschool class there at the Gymnastics Training Center, called Fit by Five. Classes are really well priced at $35 per month for 3 year old ballet (pre ballet), $45 for the Ballet A and B for ages 4 up to 6. $50 per month for level 1 and 2, which is not by age but by skill. Level 3, 4, 5/pre-professional, pointe, and adult are also available. As is a Teen Partnering Class for swing, salsa, waltz and other ballroom. Check it out!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008


Sky is blue
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Just a pretty picture I snapped while in Corbett's Glen...pointed the camera lens up and clicked.

The woot? I'm excited! I just found a wonderful print service that uses Kodak PROFESSIONAL paper! What's more...the greeting cards are WAY cheaper! I'm so excited about that! I hated the fact that the greeting cards through dotphoto are like...$4 or $5 EACH. Ridiculous. I wouldn't pay that personally. Now, I'll be able to offer them at a mere $2.00 each! Just don't order through my DotPhoto. If you want some, order straight through me. With Christmas coming up...that will be an amazing deal. I go to the grocery store and it's $20 for 8 cards anymore! And they're not customized! Mine will be, and will be $20 for 10. I'm also going to be able to offer a wonderful size selection! 23 to be exact, ranging from what they call mini which comes in a set of 8, up to 20x30. doesn't stop there. I've got metallic though it's not recommended for portraits (scrapbooking though!!!) and true digital black & white paper. So there will be some excellent stuff. Framing too. :-) I've got about 40 portfolio shots. So I'm nearly half way there. Once I get session fee will be $50 and my prices will go up...but I hand deliver portraits, box them, and they'll be on better paper. So...that all in mind, a little reminder, if you use my services while I'm in my portfolio stage (aka right now), before I get the 100th picture, you get a free 1 year member ship (normally $50 to join) that gets you 50% off my session fee, and a free 8x10 and free 5x7 of your choice. So even if you don't buy any extra get 2 prints for free. It doesn't become active until you have a session with me after my 100th picture but I give you the card at our first session anyway.

Another reminder, in the school year, I'll only be doing weekends and a few weekday appointments. Week day appointments will be based on my husband's work schedule and his ability to get our kids from school. :-) I have his work schedule through September and the first week of October. The Pumpkin Patch Portraits held at Long Acre Farms will be Saturdays the 4th, 11th, and 18th for $10 (this is not part of my portfolio building). My best day for it will be on the 4th at this point. There are only 8 spots open each Saturday. If you would like to schedule a separate normal photo shoot at Long Acre during that season, and I haven't reached my 100th picture, then there is still no session fee. The $10 fee will be pretty much to cover baby sitting for my kids on the 11th and 18th. (lol) But really it's because I'd like so raise enough money to donate a framed portrait of the farm to the family who owns it, and hopefully get them into the picture as well, as a way of thanking them for letting me use it for free. It was soooo super nice of them...and they have a beautiful pond for pictures, the corn field is amazing (no pun intended!) and the kids just love it there. I think that wraps up this blog. Things are looking up! I even found a place to get a website...once I'm more established. Don't be shy! I love to talk on the phone. Contact me and we can set up an appointment! :-)

Corbett's Glen Nature Park

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I hadn't really heard of Corbett's Glen until I was poking around on google maps and saw flickr images over it...curious, I looked it up. Turns out there's this BEAUTIFUL nature park super close! I LOVE it there. It's located in Brighton but it's nearly Penfield. Google it to find the location and take a trip just might see me there taking pictures!

Corbett's Glen

Sunday, August 10, 2008


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I am so thrilled to have this new image editor. I can do a lot of really cool things with it! This is just one of the images I've worked on with it, and then in my flickr, "Maybe Katie" is another...I added a black border and copyright. I also worked on this picture in black & white with a black border and copyright. Much more dramatic and I love it!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Long Acre Farms

Long Acre Farms
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Today was so beautiful. I had plans to go to Perinton Square Mall for the Fun Stuff 4 Kids festival, but how could I resist getting in some pictures against the gorgeous blue sky with the huge billowy clouds? After another triumph for oldest daughter sleeping in her own bed, I treated the girls to an Ice Cream lunch at Long Acre Farms. The girls had a blast and we were there for 2 hours. I'm so glad this place is only 10 minutes away!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Schedule

After calling around, and some places wanting money from me so I can take pictures in their pumpkin patches, I've decided on only using Long Acre Farms for the Pumpkin Patch pictures. This helps save customers money by me not having to jack up the session fee. So as seen in my prior post, the schedule will be 30 minute sessions for a $10 session fee (which covers gas, time, uploading, and editing...etc) and will give you unlimited poses (all that I can fit into the 30 minute session). The poses are not limited to just the pumpkin patch (there are many activities at Long Acre Farms The 30 minute sessions will run from 10AM to 3PM with a 1 hour break from noon to 1PM for lunch. You can email me at to book your session for Saturdays October 4th, 11th, and 18th. I already have a few booked so reserve your appointment time as soon as you know when you'll be available! :-)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Scrapbook Party

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Well I went ahead and booked a scrapbook party for August 25th at 7:00 PM. I figured it'd be a good way to put those images not purchased, or not portrait style, to good use. Plus I get to hang out with everyone again. If you'd like to come, email me and I'll send you an e-Invite.

Small announcement but it's not scheduled yet so it's in the works still. I'll be doing pumpkin patch pictures Saturday October 11th and 18th from about 10AM to noon, then again 1PM to 3PM. They will be mini sessions, consisting of 30 minutes at a pumpkin patch. The 11th will be here on the East side, I'm thinking Long Acre Farms but I need to talk to them. And then I need one as far as but not really passed Brockport on the West side. This will give me only 16 spots to book, so if you know now that you will be able to make it to one of these sessions, let me know which one and time and I'll pencil you in. The times will be as follows for both Saturdays:


As these fill up, I will put an ES or WS by them, which means it's booked. So remember, 11th is ES. And 18th is WS.

Monday, August 4, 2008


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I hate wasps. It seems it's all I ever see...I want them gone! I'm scared of them, truthfully. I go out to check the mail, and I get buzzed. Uh...and not the good buzzed. :-)

I'm looking at a VERY busy month as said in my prior blog. I've added to that. I'm registering my daughter for preschool on the 7th, finally. I love love love this preschool. Friday the 8th, the RM Wayne Co. moms are going to go to Long Acre Farms, which I also love, and I'll be doing a photo shoot there. Next day, Saturday, is ballet, garage sale, and Perinton Square Mall for the "Fun Stuff 4 Kids" event. On Sunday the 10th, I'm going to a picnic with some friends in Ellison park. I think I'm going to do a photo shoot of my girls there that day. That's all just this week. I'm also excited to announce that I received my "Best Friend Member" cards today! So if you're one of the people I do a shoot for in my portfolio period, you'll receive this card absolutely free. It's good for 50% off my session fee (which will normally be $50) plus a free 8x10 and free 5x7 of your choice each session. Can't beat that all for $25.

Next week brings another photo shoot, this time at the beach. Ice cream with the Wayne Co. moms. Another trip to Long Acre Farms with a friend and her kids. And my girls' ballet observation. I'm very excited about this! I still have open spots for the month of August. They are as follows:

Aug. 7: Evening
Aug. 12: Afternoon (if at Charlotte Beach) and Evening
Aug. 13: Morning
Aug. 19 Evening
Aug. 20 Morning and Day
Aug. 25 Anytime
Aug. 30 Anytime

These may change if I get other bookings or schedule family time. Contact me if you're interested in booking your appointment!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Beyond Cheese

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Today I took a course on photography that lasted about 4 hours. While the general info I knew, I learned all about ISO and a bunch of stuff I needed to know about. The class was given by Kristin Williams of Victor, at the Springdale Farm Bed & Breakfast as seen in my picture. If you're registered through flickr, and on my contact list, you can see the photos I took. Otherwise, they're private because the two little girls who were modeling for me weren't my own children. :-) I will just say that I got some GREAT pictures.

I'm also gearing up for a busy 2 weeks ahead. Saturday the 9th is the Fun Stuff 4 Kids event at Perinton Square Mall from 10AM to 4PM. They're going to be doing hair for free for little girls and everything so we're going to that. Then on Sunday I'm hoping to go to the Palmyra Pirate Weekend ( Doing a photo shoot on the 12th at Charlotte Beach (TBA). Going out with the Rochester Mommies (RM) Wayne County group to get ice cream on the 13th. And both of my daughters have ballet observation on the 16th which is like a recital. So lots of pictures to come!