Monday, July 21, 2008

WooHoo! First Blog Post!

Well first let me say hello and welcome to my blog all about me and Playdate Photography. A bit about how this all started. I graduated high school in 1997 and attended a local college for a couple of years, going for my English and Arts major (I wanted to become an animator for Disney, working for people like Pixar). While attending, I took a biology class, as per the norm, and an acquaintance happened to be a lab assistant for the class following mine. So she would come in and set up beakers or specimen jars...etc. She was a photography student. I didn't have a class after bio and so I'd stick around, help her a little and we would get to talking about photography. I went out and got myself one of those Kodak Advantix cameras for $32 and thought that was pretty major. Bought it from M&R Drugstore, which later became CVS Pharmacy. Digital cameras either weren't out then, or they were ghastly expensive. Either way I couldn't have dreamed of owning one. I took pictures left and right and was thrilled to find that for my art class, we had to do black & white, then use ink to copy a 1 inch square onto paper. Long story. Okay so none of my pictures looked very good but my teacher said I had a flair for capturing unique angles. He liked my images. None were focused well and let's face it, it was a cheap camera, but it was so much fun! Secretly, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. The classes were expensive, the equiptment was expensive, and my parents were paying for my schooling...I didn't think they'd go fo rit. So I blew it off. I was 18 at that time. Here, now, 11 years later, I look back at any planning I've ever considered for a business of my own and somehow it has always included a photography studio. After 6 years of my husband being in the Navy, and a few years here in NY without really knowing anyone, I was getting a little antsy. I discovered a great site called and ended up meeting a friend of mine on there, who convinced me I should do this. And so I really owe it to her that I took that scary first step. I started out with a Canon PowerShot A560 which is a digital point and shoot, and I took pictures of her sons. I really liked them and so did she, and others! After that there was little anyone could do to stop me. I toyed with the idea of doing beach photography. I noticed there really wasn't any advertising for just doing photos out on the beach.'s very busy out there and lots of people can get in the way. I have two children who are is about to start preschool and the other kindergarten. And I've always loved snapping pictures of them. So it only seemed natural that I focus on children. I will do teens and parents. But that's not my specialty. I'm currently working on putting together a studio in my basement...and with that will come posed pictures for teens and parents, and anyone wanting them. Otherwise I'll have toys and all sort of stuff for kids to play with and just be kids. So it's all evolved into this.

How can you get an appointment? Simple. Call me or email me and we can work it out. I like to block off 2 hours. This includes unlimited poses (unless my memory card fills up!), 3 outfit changes, and lots of fun. As of right now, also, I'm not charging a session fee. What does this mean for you? No obligation to buy. So you get to try me out for free. If you like something, you'll be able to go to the website and order it (until I have my printer). When I've gathered 100 portfolio images, the session fee will be $50, will include the same as above, but also a free 8x10.

I don't plan on advertising in the phoe book, or on tv, or anything like that. So it's you as the customer who is my main source of advertising...word of mouth. So grab a few extra business cards when you come and see me.