Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

Okay so we're embarking on day 1,000 of rain. Er...well not exactly but that's what it feels like! I'm cursed. Ever since I bought my camera, it's rained almost every day! I want to get out and take pictures but am terrified of getting it wet. I'm planning on going to a playdate at Freewill tomorrow morning at 10AM with the other Wayne County moms so I may have quite a few pictures to post. As for today, some of our lilies are in bloom and so I snapped up a few pictures. I'll upload them in a few minutes.

On a flip side, a friend of mine has this AWESOME design and opened her own site. I'm going to buy a women's raglan hoodie in September, and she's said she'll put the design "Hushie" on it with the blue cloudy background. I love that one. I may get a mug too. Here's her sites! and and the 3rd so if you book an appointment with me this fall, watch for me to be wearing this lovely hoodie if it's chilly outside. :-) Now off to upload lilies!