Friday, July 25, 2008

Playdate with the Wayne County RochesterMommies.Com group

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Today I took my girls to a playdate at Freewill elementary to meet with the other kids of Wayne County moms who are part of the great group I took a ton of pictures, but for privacy issues, I'm only posting this one, so that the other children's pictures won't go up (I never time I will get the release forms out). The weather was stunning. It was such a relief after all this rain lately! The kids all had tons of fun, and I'll definitely be doing the other playdates for this group. If you're a mom in the Rochester area (this is a BIG area), check out and sign up! It's a great forum, and very well organized. They do a lot of charity and donations, and I'm really excited to have found them through CafeMom.