Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Katelyn Sleeps

Katelyn Sleeps
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I'm compiling an album for my daughter called "A Day in the life of..." as stated before. Mom, I can't stand around and take pictures all day. I need to give the girls breakfast, get them dressed, take care of diaper changes (Katelyn seriously needs to give it up and use the potty), be an entertainer, make lunch, be a chauffeur, do hair, clean up so the camera doesn't see a mess (*blush*), and well everything else that comes along with it, except for making dinner (My husband does that). So yeah. Unless I sprout another eye and 2 hands...not going to happen in 1 day. So I'm compiling it based on a few different Saturdays. This way, on August 16th when both of my girls have their ballet observations, I'll be able to get pictures of that as well. So far I have 5 out of 30. And this weekend, my husband has off of work. This means Mom can go on a break and the photographer can step in...provided dad doesn't leave messes for the camera to see (Ahhh! Yes...we're messy people...I can't help it...I'm organized with my photos and business, but can't figure out how to organize my house, go figure.). Anyway, here's a look at the pics in my collection so far:

Katelyn Coloring
Katelyn and Sissy
Katelyn, Daddy, and Sissy