Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sandi Henderson

Beautiful #1
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I have discovered a GORGEOUS line of fabric and clothes but I can't figure out how to get my hands on any!!! It's by Sandi Henderson who runs PortabelloPixie. I'm sort of thinking of finding someone in the local area who could sew to make sizes 3 through 6 in various things...wouldn't these be amazing in my pictures?! I would just charge a small fee for cleaning the outfit (I'd do professional cleaning). Something like $5 or $10. I need to check into cleaning prices in the area.

Katelyn Sleeps

Katelyn Sleeps
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I'm compiling an album for my daughter called "A Day in the life of..." as stated before. Mom, I can't stand around and take pictures all day. I need to give the girls breakfast, get them dressed, take care of diaper changes (Katelyn seriously needs to give it up and use the potty), be an entertainer, make lunch, be a chauffeur, do hair, clean up so the camera doesn't see a mess (*blush*), and well everything else that comes along with it, except for making dinner (My husband does that). So yeah. Unless I sprout another eye and 2 hands...not going to happen in 1 day. So I'm compiling it based on a few different Saturdays. This way, on August 16th when both of my girls have their ballet observations, I'll be able to get pictures of that as well. So far I have 5 out of 30. And this weekend, my husband has off of work. This means Mom can go on a break and the photographer can step in...provided dad doesn't leave messes for the camera to see (Ahhh! Yes...we're messy people...I can't help it...I'm organized with my photos and business, but can't figure out how to organize my house, go figure.). Anyway, here's a look at the pics in my collection so far:

Katelyn Coloring
Katelyn and Sissy
Katelyn, Daddy, and Sissy

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Katelyn Coloring

Katelyn Coloring
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I'm doing a "Day in the Life of..." book for my daughter Katelyn. It will include Thirty 8x10's and one 4x6, chronicling one day in her life, set in a beautiful pink memory box scrapbook with her name in silver on the front.


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Yesterday we went to the Seneca Park Zoo. My husband and I took our 3 and 5 year old with us of course, and they had a lot of fun. So did we, though I must admit, the next time I go, I'm wearing walking shoes and bringing more water. I got pictures of several animals (though I've only flickred a handful), however this bee on the flower was one of my favorites. I'm taking every picture available to use as a method of honing my skills. Back to yesterday. The girls had ballet in the morning, and when we got home, we got them ready to go to the zoo. However, it looked like it was going to rain. It did. Of course. We drove out there and as we were, it poured. I was a little concerned because I don't have a rain protector for my camera yet...putting that on my list of NEEDS. We got there and it was barely raining anymore (it's only a 30 minute drive), so we waited a few more minutes and it pretty much stopped. So we got out and hit the first tent which was the spiders and scorpions...notice, if you look at my flickr, that I don't have any pictures of those. I swear my heart was racing in that tent but my daughter had a lot of questions. Good thing for the zoo helpers. About to leave the tent and...rain. We were trapped in the tent with spiders! (you could imagine my desperation to get out of there and the torment about getting my camera wet). It stopped...we were free. And it didn't rain again that day, but it did get hot and muggy. All in all, though, it was a very nice day. I could probably spend more time in the butterfly house than we did. If you're looking for an inexpensive trip out that you can do in about 2 hours, it's $8 for adults and $5 for kids over the age of 3. Just google Seneca Park Zoo. We got a membership yesterday, so I'll be going back more often! If anyone wants to do pictures there, there shouldn't be any problem. Be prepared for "I want!" from the zoo store, or avoid it all together, bring in food (I suggest PB&J or something easy like Lunchables...I hate them but in a pinch...), WATER, diapers if needed, walking shoes (wear them), breathable clothing, A spare pair of shoes for your child (and socks if needed), and a change of clothes as well. There is a wading stream that I refuse to let my kids in, but really it looks like fun (I haven't brought the extra shoes and clothes so I've not allowed it). There are playscapes also, and the trail is paved, so bring bandages, just in case.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Playdate with the Wayne County RochesterMommies.Com group

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Today I took my girls to a playdate at Freewill elementary to meet with the other kids of Wayne County moms who are part of the great group I took a ton of pictures, but for privacy issues, I'm only posting this one, so that the other children's pictures won't go up (I never time I will get the release forms out). The weather was stunning. It was such a relief after all this rain lately! The kids all had tons of fun, and I'll definitely be doing the other playdates for this group. If you're a mom in the Rochester area (this is a BIG area), check out and sign up! It's a great forum, and very well organized. They do a lot of charity and donations, and I'm really excited to have found them through CafeMom.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Puppy, the dog, and a Lily

Lily Puppy

Rain Rain Go Away

Okay so we're embarking on day 1,000 of rain. Er...well not exactly but that's what it feels like! I'm cursed. Ever since I bought my camera, it's rained almost every day! I want to get out and take pictures but am terrified of getting it wet. I'm planning on going to a playdate at Freewill tomorrow morning at 10AM with the other Wayne County moms so I may have quite a few pictures to post. As for today, some of our lilies are in bloom and so I snapped up a few pictures. I'll upload them in a few minutes.

On a flip side, a friend of mine has this AWESOME design and opened her own site. I'm going to buy a women's raglan hoodie in September, and she's said she'll put the design "Hushie" on it with the blue cloudy background. I love that one. I may get a mug too. Here's her sites! and and the 3rd so if you book an appointment with me this fall, watch for me to be wearing this lovely hoodie if it's chilly outside. :-) Now off to upload lilies!

Photo Shoot at Ellison Park, Webster, NY

Ellison Park, Webster

Ellison Park, Webster

Monday, July 21, 2008

WooHoo! First Blog Post!

Well first let me say hello and welcome to my blog all about me and Playdate Photography. A bit about how this all started. I graduated high school in 1997 and attended a local college for a couple of years, going for my English and Arts major (I wanted to become an animator for Disney, working for people like Pixar). While attending, I took a biology class, as per the norm, and an acquaintance happened to be a lab assistant for the class following mine. So she would come in and set up beakers or specimen jars...etc. She was a photography student. I didn't have a class after bio and so I'd stick around, help her a little and we would get to talking about photography. I went out and got myself one of those Kodak Advantix cameras for $32 and thought that was pretty major. Bought it from M&R Drugstore, which later became CVS Pharmacy. Digital cameras either weren't out then, or they were ghastly expensive. Either way I couldn't have dreamed of owning one. I took pictures left and right and was thrilled to find that for my art class, we had to do black & white, then use ink to copy a 1 inch square onto paper. Long story. Okay so none of my pictures looked very good but my teacher said I had a flair for capturing unique angles. He liked my images. None were focused well and let's face it, it was a cheap camera, but it was so much fun! Secretly, I decided I wanted to be a photographer. The classes were expensive, the equiptment was expensive, and my parents were paying for my schooling...I didn't think they'd go fo rit. So I blew it off. I was 18 at that time. Here, now, 11 years later, I look back at any planning I've ever considered for a business of my own and somehow it has always included a photography studio. After 6 years of my husband being in the Navy, and a few years here in NY without really knowing anyone, I was getting a little antsy. I discovered a great site called and ended up meeting a friend of mine on there, who convinced me I should do this. And so I really owe it to her that I took that scary first step. I started out with a Canon PowerShot A560 which is a digital point and shoot, and I took pictures of her sons. I really liked them and so did she, and others! After that there was little anyone could do to stop me. I toyed with the idea of doing beach photography. I noticed there really wasn't any advertising for just doing photos out on the beach.'s very busy out there and lots of people can get in the way. I have two children who are is about to start preschool and the other kindergarten. And I've always loved snapping pictures of them. So it only seemed natural that I focus on children. I will do teens and parents. But that's not my specialty. I'm currently working on putting together a studio in my basement...and with that will come posed pictures for teens and parents, and anyone wanting them. Otherwise I'll have toys and all sort of stuff for kids to play with and just be kids. So it's all evolved into this.

How can you get an appointment? Simple. Call me or email me and we can work it out. I like to block off 2 hours. This includes unlimited poses (unless my memory card fills up!), 3 outfit changes, and lots of fun. As of right now, also, I'm not charging a session fee. What does this mean for you? No obligation to buy. So you get to try me out for free. If you like something, you'll be able to go to the website and order it (until I have my printer). When I've gathered 100 portfolio images, the session fee will be $50, will include the same as above, but also a free 8x10.

I don't plan on advertising in the phoe book, or on tv, or anything like that. So it's you as the customer who is my main source of advertising...word of mouth. So grab a few extra business cards when you come and see me.